Organising Your Family Ski Holiday – Simple Tips for Success on a Budget

The annual family holiday is an outing enshrined in tradition. Once a year, you and your loved ones can get away from it all to experience something new and amazing together. The ski holiday is a particularly popular form of family trip, being one chock-full of activity – and boasting something for everyone in the process.

But justifying such a trip in the current economic climate can be difficult. With the cost of energy bills still considerably high, many households are having to think twice about their next trip. But how can you ensure yours goes off without a hitch?

Budget First

The biggest hurdle to any holiday is the cost. This is especially true of skiing holidays, notorious as they can be regarding prices. Even the most budget-friendly of ski resorts can see costs mounting, from ski rental to dinners and drinks and beyond.

But the purpose of your ski holiday is to enjoy yourself, and to spend some active quality time with your children. To find the right balance between frugality and luxury, you should budget your holiday well ahead of time – removing any financial headaches from your trip when it is underway. This budget should include the cost of flights and chalet accommodation, with a separate budget for spending on food, drink, and souvenirs.

There are several ways in which you can make serious savings on your holiday – some of which will be expounded upon later – but the purpose of the advance budget is to give you a meaningful ballpark figure for which to plan. This can allow you to enjoy your holiday guilt-free.

Source Your Funding

Of course, drawing up a budget for your ideal holiday doesn’t cause the money for it to magically appear. Chalets and resorts often require bookings well in advance – something which can work in your favour for reducing costs. But between flights, accommodation, and other deposits, it is a lot of money to spend in one go.

There aren’t many that can afford such a major single expense without significant time given to saving. As such, it can be wise to use credit to offset the short-term cost of buying tickets and reservations. This way, payment can be split over a longer period, potentially expanding your available budget in the process.

Travel in the Off-Season

Skiing is an incredibly popular choice of holiday in the wintertime and can see chalets and classic ski destinations enjoy large numbers of visitors throughout the winter. Not only does this mean that prices are at a premium, but also that demand frequently outstrips supply – something which can threaten your skiing plans altogether.

One simple alternative is to make your plans for the ‘off-season’. Many resort destinations are cold and snowy year-round, but less popular amongst travellers in the summer owing to the appetite for sun-and-sea destinations.

This can work in your favour doubly; not only can you enjoy smaller queues for ski routes and the chalet bar, but also a lower cost of entry in the form of discounted ‘off-peak’ travel and accommodation.

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