Want Your Interiors To Last Longer? Here’s How

Durability – it’s not a quality that’s synonymous with interior design. You’d rather your home decor was stylish with a touch of substance. After all, you’ve got to live in your property and be comfortable.

Durable home
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A durable house doesn’t quite seem as if it hits the right note. It’s not very cosy for a start, and it’s sharp instead of soft and subtle. Of course, the problem with putting the latest trends over practicality is that your interiors don’t last as long, which is an expensive trait.

If only there were ways to add durability without taking away from your decor’s aesthetics…

Hard-Wearing Surfaces For Specific Rooms

Durable surfaces
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Soft furnishings are fine in the living room and bedrooms because you need to create a homely, welcoming atmosphere. Fabric, while not as robust as leather, does a perfect job. Things change when you move to the kitchen and bathroom, however. These are places where activities and substances require hard-wearing materials. For instance, granite worktops don’t highlight cuts and scratches as much, whereas tiles are more water-resistant than lino or laminate. Plus, the smooth surfaces look great as they’re shiny and glossy. Once you tile the entirety of your bathroom, you’ll never understand why you didn’t have a wetroom before!

Engineered Wood Over Hardwood

This may seem counterproductive. Surely hardwood is more durable than engineered wood? In reality, it isn’t because the former is crafted from layers of timber, adding to its robust nature. But, this isn’t the only pro in the argument of engineered wood flooring vs solid wood flooring, as it looks incredible, too. The top layer of the floor is solid wood, so it maintains its authentic appearance while ensuring it won’t break down any time soon. It tends to be cheaper, as well, which is another reason it’s suitable for homeowners.

Repurpose Old Elements

Not every feature of your home will be new. Not only is it financially unrealistic, but it’s tacky and ostentatious. The best interiors mix realtor styles with modern tweaks for eye-catching and attention-grabbing visuals, and you should copy the framework. You can do it by repurposing old furniture or any element that’s getting old and suffering from wear and tear. A couple of coats of stain on a wood surface will imbibe it with the qualities it requires to stave off rot and household pests. Plus, the sheen should perk it up a bit. Upcycling “insignificant” features is an alternative, such as turning paint cans into light shades.

Get Rid Of Clutter

When there’s lots of clutter around the house, you’re more likely to knock it over. Smashes and bangs may not appear too costly, yet they build up over time. After a while, your flooring or surfaces could buckle under the stress of one too many knocks. Therefore, it’s better to opt for a minimalist design where everything is clean and tidy. Sometimes, life gives you the perfect opportunity, so if you’re in the process of moving, don’t forget to throw away the stuff you’ve hoarded.

How do you make sure your interiors stand the test of time?

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