5 Top Storage Solutions for the Home

Do you often find yourself running out of space for clothes, shoes and other items around the house? If you’re struggling for storage space, have a read of the following ideas to see if they can help you maximise the storage you already have, or find new alternatives:

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are perfect for adding extra storage to a room and are easy to use. An ottoman bed holds plenty of storage underneath, and all you have to do to access it is lift up the mattress. Easy!

You can get ottoman beds in a range of sizes; single beds are great for children’s rooms who have plenty of toys yet little space, whereas double beds are great for adults that can’t seem to get rid of clothes that are 20 years out of date, in case they “might come in useful one day.”

A Coat Hanger That Holds More Than One Item

There are coat hangers in this world that hold more than one item – amazing, right? You can get trousers hangers that hold up to 5 pairs of trousers, but take only as much space as one hanger/trouser.

A pretty cool concept, especially if you find your trousers are making your wardrobe look cluttered and untidy.

Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags have taken over the world these past few years and are becoming increasingly popular for good reason.

These are great for hiding your summer/winter clothes until you really need them, and no matter how much you put into a bag, it will go so much smaller than you expect it to go. You can always store these in your ottoman bed until next year.

Foldable Drawer Dividers

Everyone has a drawer in their house that literally holds anything and everything. Tweezers? They’re in the drawer. Tablets? They’re in the drawer. Pair of shoes? They’re in the drawer.

You can get drawer dividers that separates your drawer into different sections, so that the random junk in there won’t mix together.

Shoe Rack

 If you find that your shoes are spilling out of each cupboard in your house, and they’re also constantly left on the bottom of the stairs, then it might be time to invest in a shoe rack.

These hang down from the ceiling or a rail, therefore only take up the space of air that wasn’t being used. They hold around 15 pairs of shoes and are a great investment if there is a shoeaholic in your house.

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