Simple Ways To Add Storage Space Around The Home

Over time, many of us have a tendency to acquire a large number of possessions, which gradually clutter up our homes and encroach on our living space.

If you are struggling to find room to tidy away all of your belongings, there are some helpful storage solutions you can use to add extra space to your home. Using these clever techniques, you should soon find yourself with plenty of additional storage, no matter how limited you may be in terms of space.

Use Decorative Storage Boxes And Baskets

For a cheap and attractive answer to your storage needs, why not purchase an array of decorative boxes and woven baskets to keep your things in? With so many styles and designs to choose from, it won’t be hard to find containers that match your décor, which means you can openly display them as a form of functional decoration.

For example, you can keep colourful storage boxes on top of your sideboard or console tables, display them on your bookshelves, or slide them under the coffee table for easy access. Job done!

Exploit Empty Spaces

You may not realise it but our homes can sometimes contain a lot of extra ‘dead’ space where larger pieces of furniture and bulkier items simply can’t fit.

If you have some of this space in your own property, you can maximise its storage potential and keep any stray belongings there. Install some additional shelving in your pockets of empty space, and use these areas to store books, DVDs, and other sundries.

Furnish Your Bedrooms With Divan Beds

If the bedrooms in your home are on the small side and you can’t fit all of your clothes into the wardrobes or dressers, there is an easy solution.

Purchase divan beds from a trusted provider such as Wow Beds, and not only will you have comfortable bespoke beds to sleep on but you will also gain some instant storage in the base of every divan.

Use The ‘Harry Potter’ Cupboard

If your property is home to a cupboard under the stairs, or any kind of unused space under there, you can use this spot to store various bulky items that you don’t use very frequently. For example, during the spring and summer months, you could store your winter clothes underneath the stairs, all ready to be whipped out when the first frost sets in.

You may even want to keep your cleaning equipment there, such as your hoover, mop and bucket, and general cleaning supplies, so you can easily access them whenever you need to give your home a thorough clean.

Hang Things From The Ceiling

Kitchens can easily get cluttered up with the various items we use to prepare meals, many of which we may rarely ever employ and probably don’t even need.

If you are looking for an ingenious way to create additional storage space in your kitchen, why not consider hanging your pans and utensils from the ceiling? Install an attractive metal frame with hooks in a colour that matches your décor, and whenever you need something all you have to do is reach up and grab it.

Similarly, if you have children, you can create extra space for their cuddly toys by purchasing a long hanging toy organiser that you can fix to their ceiling. Not only will it make an attractive feature in their room, but it will free up plenty of extra space and help make their rooms look and feel tidier and more spacious. Creating extra storage space doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

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