Luxury Home Ideas: How To Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

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Haven’t we all done it… scrolled through the multi-million pound properties on Rightmove and imagined just what it would be like to win the lottery and live a life of luxury? I asked my sons what they would have in their millionaire dream house and they agreed a swimming pool and cinema room would be top of their wish list, as well as a state of the art home gym and a garage with a choice of sporty cars. Sounds good to me!

For some, the lottery dream does actually become a reality…  In the meantime, why not create some of those high end luxury vibes with these top tips to give your living room a millionaire’s touch:

Colour Palette

Luxury living room
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Is your decor looking a bit shabby? If the walls need a fresh coat of paint, lockdown is the ideal time to get the paintbrush out – and it’s one of those fairly quick jobs that makes a huge difference;  just like cleaning the floors and polishing mirrors and surfaces.  Many luxury homes feature a neutral colour scheme with tasteful shades of cream or ivory throughout. This is quite an easy look to achieve, especially if you are nervous about using colour. So you could opt for classic wall colours such as white, taupe or grey.

However, for some people those shades are a tad too bland and they would prefer a richer, darker background. More colourful schemes can certainly look glamorous and expensive, too, but avoid a mish mash of clashing colours. If you opt for tonal shades and colours that work well together, such as a plum shade and caramel, or forest green and midnight blue, you’ll achieve an air of exclusivity.

Furniture & Soft Furnishings

Classic furniture designs such as vintage leather chesterfield sofas or sumptuous velvet armchairs with button and stud detailing – or even the clean lines of a contemporary modular sofa – can create an elegant, affluent look. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to a brand new sofa, you can upgrade your existing one – or pick up a second hand piece – and re-cover it with new fabric and a staple gun. Old furniture can be totally transformed this way and literally look like a new piece. A quicker option is simply to add some luxurious throws in faux fur or cashmere to give that opulent look. Also add a few velvet or decoratively embroidered cushions – go for large ones with piped edges to make a statement and look more expensive. Rather than just throwing them any old which way, go for symmetry – line them up neatly and give them a karate chop on top for that interior designer touch.

Interior designer tips
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Walls & Floors

High end living rooms often will feature stunning, large wall art – these pieces needn’t be expensive, there are lots of great art emporiums online that can ship large posters and canvases to you. Or why not have a go at creating your own abstract art on a canvas – it will be one of a kind! If you are after smart sophistication, you could install a panelled feature wall – this is a popular trend with the leading home accounts on Instagram and is something you can DIY with good old MDF and No More Nails. Or why not cheat and add some removable panelled wall paper for the same effect? This one is from

Removable panel wallpaper
Panelled wallpaper by

Also consider what is under your feet. If you’re really lucky, there may be a gem of an original parquet floor hidden below that carpet that could be sanded and varnished. Alternatively, there are some great parquet effect planks and tiles you could update your room with. A tired floor can even be given a new lease of life with the addition of a large area rug. The bigger the rug, the better when it comes getting the luxe look – and if you opted for a neutral scheme, this is where you can add some pattern and colour. Deep pile rugs convey a sense of comfort and quality and feel really good to step on. They not only disguise a poor floor, but add an extra cosy and desirable layer to the room.

Windows & Lighting

For a luxuriant appearance, it’s a good idea to choose fuller fabric curtains which will ripple and drape elegantly. They should ideally be lined and floor length. Alternatively, you could opt for beautiful wooden shutters or Roman blinds to give your windows a sophisticated appearance. Sparkling windows make a big difference, so the first thing to do is give them a good clean and let the light flood in. Also high on the agenda should be your lighting scheme. It can make or break a room, yet it’s something we can forget about – missing the opportunity to bring in some real ambience or to highlight a particular architectural feature. Maybe your ceiling pendant is due an upgrade to something more high end looking – smoked or milk glass fittings on brass can look extremely chic, or even a modern chandelier. The addition of an elegant floor or table could add another effective layer of light. You can read more about the importance of lighting here.

Layered lighting
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Home Accessories

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Mixing old and new is a good idea when it comes to living room accessories that add a touch of class. No one wants to sit in a living room that looks like a catalogue shoot and is devoid of personality. So an antique mirror or tea chest would be a fabulous addition. You can be quirky about your styling, too – don’t be afraid to prop a long mirror or picture against the wall instead of hanging them in a traditional way. Ensure you have a coffee table or side table in glass and metal or marble. Metallic touches around the room, e.g. a framed mirror, decorative bowl, figurine etc provide a luxe feel without going too overboard. Tall architectural plants, organic shapes and sculptural accessories will also really enhance your living room. Look for statement vases and decorative objects that you could imagine seeing in an art gallery – but keep accessories fairly minimal for a more sophisticated space.

Organic homeware
Shell Bowl, Rose & Grey

Style your surfaces thoughtfully and keep them polished and dust free. Stack design books on the coffee table with an object d’art or glass terrarium placed on top and don’t forget luxurious accents such as fresh flowers and a designer candle with an aromatic scent to provide the ultimate exclusive finishing touch.

You can head to Lottoland if you want more advice for making your home look luxury and play here if you fancy the chance to try win that millionaire lifestyle, in Lottoland’s million pound weekly draws.

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