5 Ways Your Car Exhaust Affects Car Performance

The exhaust system of any car is carefully designed to emit fumes from the engine safely. The function is to take noxious gases away from the driver of a car and its passengers. The system cools certain gases and mixes them with air to make them less problematic. An exhaust usually gets rid of gases behind the car which is where you will usually be able to see the exhaust system’s pipe. How can a poorly functioning car exhaust impact on performance?

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Fuel Efficiency

If your exhaust is not working properly, then you may notice that your miles per gallon of fuel used starts to shoot up. Simply put, your car will need to burn more fuel in the engine to accelerate and maintain a cruising speed if the exhaust is working inefficiently. Fuel consumption mostly increases during summer time when you go on a family trip somewhere, like we probably will this year around Yorkshire or other counties.

Damage to Nearby Components

If your exhaust is leaking in some way, then hot gases will seep out. These can sometimes be corrosive which means that the components on the underside of your car start to wear out prematurely. You can avoid this problem by getting help for car exhaust fitting in Wakefield by checking out Ossett Tyre House.

Too Much Noise

An exhaust which has disconnected components or missing parts makes a lot of noise. If the energy of your car’s engine is going into making noise and not moving the vehicle forward, then this is a big sign of your car’s performance suffering.


Loose or rattling exhausts cause drag. The underside of your car needs to be as aerodynamic as the bodywork to maintain efficient motoring. If your exhaust is not in good condition, then it can cause greater wind resistance than would be preferable meaning that your overall performance drops.

Catalytic Converters

A key part of all modern cars’ exhaust systems, catalytic converters trap some of the heavier metals that can be problematic for people when they breathe them in. If your catalytic converter is not working properly, then your car is probably not operating within the legal requirement for emissions which could be problematic in cities where traffic volume is usually high. This could lead to you failing an MOT, or even worse, impacting on the health of your passengers.

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