Great Summer Staycation Ideas

Staycations have become extremely popular, particularly for families on a budget. The UK is home to some pretty stunning destinations, so you don’t need to travel far to experience a luxurious break.

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If you’re looking to take a summer staycation this year, below you’ll discover some great ideas you’ll want to consider.

A road trip

Why limit yourself to just one destination? Taking a road trip across the UK can be a great way to blow away the cobwebs and experience numerous beautiful locations. Whether you’re driving from London to Cornwall, or even from Cornwall to Scotland, you can stop off at plenty of additional places along the way.

Of course, with a road trip, you will need a reliable vehicle. If you have an old car, it may be time for an upgrade. You could buy an affordable second-hand car from a company such as FoW. Alternatively, if you don’t need a new car, you should at least give your existing car a good service before you leave.


Cornwall is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of the UK. It is home to some of the country’s best beaches, and you’ll get to enjoy delicious traditional Cornish pasties and mouth-watering cream teas. It attracts thousands of tourists each year and if you travel in summer, you’ll be able to treat the family to a beautiful beach getaway.

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If you fancy more of an outdoorsy getaway, Snowdonia could be the perfect option. Situated in North Wales, it boasts a breath-taking landscape. While it is best known for its impressive mountain, there’s a lot more to Snowdonia than you might think. As well as mountains, there’s also a stunning sandy beach and forests to be explored. It’s a popular location for adventurers, offering a great choice of outdoor activities.

Wine tasting in Surrey

If you fancy doing something a little different, why not opt for wine tasting in Surrey? That’s right, you really don’t need to jet off to Italy to enjoy a classy wine tasting experience! Head to Denbies Wine Estate, one of the largest wine producer in the UK. If you’re travelling with the kids, there’s a lot of family-friendly attractions in and around Surrey too including Birdworld, Beaver Water World and The Sculpture Park.

As you can see, there’s a lot of great reasons to take a staycation in the UK this summer. The above is just a very small selection of ideas of how you could make the most out of your staycation experience. Think about who you’re travelling with, how far you’re willing to travel and your budget, in order to choose the best destination for you.

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