6 Ways to Create a Masculine Decor

Many might not believe that decoration can be gendered. Indeed, the most successful rooms have a perfect balance of hard and soft, masculine and feminine. So, if you are looking to create a more masculine space, or want to add in some masculine elements to your design, here are 6 ways you can do so.  

1. Materials  

The materials that you choose can drastically affect your room. Though materials can transcend gender, there are many specific materials that can promote a more strong masculine vibe with your decoration.  

As a general rule of thumb, opt for darker woods with strong grains, polished concrete, industrial steel, and charcoal marbles. Don’t worry about mixing and matching your materials, for example, mahogany wooden wall hooks will add a fantastic contrast against exposed brick walls.  

2. Colours  

Masculine colour palettes typically stick to rich, neutral, dark hues. Earthy tones like greys, browns, and green tend to create a more masculine ambience. However, this isn’t to say you can’t have a pop or brightness – set off the dark tones with ivory and off-whites, and add a pop of colour from a bright primary colour.  

The reason for this might be rooted in our biology, dating back to the days of hunter gatherers. Male vision typically focuses more on fast moving objects and finer details, whereas women can differentiate between colours better. Thus, masculine colours tend to be more muted.  

3. Texture  

Mix hard and soft, smooth and coarse textures together for a well rounded design. Masculine textures tend to be flannels, tweed, suede, and of course leather. Instead of concentrating on how things look, switch your focus to how things feel.  

Optimise your comfort first, choosing plush cushions, supportive sofas, and cosy blankets. However, don’t obsess over everything being perfect – imperfections only add to the texture of your decor. For example, worn or distressed leather is both tactile and aesthetically pleasing.  

4. Lines  

Stick to clean straight lines and sharp right angles when choosing any patterns, furniture, and decorative elements. Geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, and rectangles are the most ideal for masculine aesthetics.  

Though, of course, some curves are unavoidable, and some can be very complimentary when used right. However, one thing is for sure, avoid frills and curves in excess, as this tends to give off more feminine vibes.   

5. Lighting 

 As you are using sharp lines, muted colours, strong materials, and natural textures, bright white lighting can make the space feel quite clinical. Soften the atmosphere in your room with warm lighting, large lamp shades, or even by adding pastel colour filters onto your lights.  

This is not to say that you should simply dim the lights and make do – if you go too far the other way, this can make the space look dark and dingy, and even affect your mental health 

6. Accents 

 Accent your decor with large, heavy, statement furniture, such as vintage writing desks, bookcases, and sculptures. There is no need to go over the top with these accents – minimalism is very attractive for masculine aesthetics.  

Add in some living plants for a pop of green, and for a relaxing serene atmosphere. This is a great way to add in some colour without having the stress of matching things to a colour wheel.  

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