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6 Ways to Create a Stunning Shower Room

If you’re designing a brand new shower room or en suite in your home, or want to revamp an existing one, today I’ve got some ideas to ensure you give it the wow factor.

Vintage showerroomDon’t let modest room dimensions deter you from creating something stunning and unique!  Simply take accurate measurements and draw scaled plans, or use an online bathroom planner, to ensure you get the most out of every spare cm.  Sometimes, it’s the smallest spaces in the home that enable you to make the biggest impact:

Add an Element of Surprise

Guests may expect a shower room to be fairly conventional, so why not take people by surprise?  Create a focal feature – whether that’s an unexpected dark and moody or vibrant wall colour, hanging a quirky piece of artwork, adding an unusual or dramatic mosaic tile design or perhaps a glass wall.  There are lots of ways to deliver the unexpected!

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Stimulate the Senses

We know that colours can affect mood, so think about what you want to people to feel when they enter the space.  Neutrals are tranquil and calming whereas bolder colours will excite and stimulate.   Often, en-suites are inside rooms without windows and natural light, but you can use daylight bulbs to fool the senses.  And why not consider fitting a dimmer switch so you can create different moods according to the time of day?  A gorgeous scent will delight the nose, so choose a delicious diffuser or candle to add an extra dimension; all these elements combined may contribute to a feeling of wellbeing.

Streamline your Storage

There’s nothing more distracting that unnecessary clutter in a small room.  No guest wants to see your bottles of shower gel and shampoo, so make sure you include storage solutions that won’t impact negatively on the space.  I’m a fan of concealed storage, for example shelves behind a mirrored door, discreet alcoves or a soft close sink drawers.  Then you can just put your nice boutique hotel style products and your best towels on display.

Large walk in shower

Go ‘High End’

Choose one or two high end features that guarantee to add a touch of class to your shower room.  A beautiful sleek, low level infinity shower tray, from a reputable brand such as Villeroy and Boch, for example.  This exclusive German brand is renowned for selling high quality bathroom wares.

Shower tray Villeroy Boch
Villerory & Boch shower room

Or why not opt for stunning copper, rose gold or dramatic black taps to give a unique design twist?  A bespoke blind or designer light fitting is another way to add a glamorous element.

To build on that luxurious feel, don’t forget to add a heated towel rail, illuminated mirror and a waterfall taps into your design.  Porcelain, marble and limestone are good tile choices for a high end space and don’t be scared to use large tiles – they can in fact make a small room look larger.

Choose A Theme

Think about what style you’d like your room to be – do you want the feel of a natural wellness spa?  If so, adding a rock or slate wall inside your shower is a stunning way to introduce this organic feel (just remember to seal the surface).  Fluffy robes and a massaging shower head are a must, too!

Or how about going vintage – use subway or metro tiles laid in an unconventional way, such as a herringbone pattern or vertical rather than horizontal, perhaps.  You could also convert a vintage dresser into a unique sink unit and add a extending shaving mirror and traditional taps.  Add lead strips to a regular glass door to create a vintage Critall style look.

Vintage style bathroom

Minimalists may prefer sleek white gloss furniture, neutral wall and floor tiles with a hint of sparkle and a simple glass shower screen instead of a enclosed cubicle.  And how about replacing a conventional interior door with a sliding pocket design, for a truly space-age feel?  It can be a great way to save space, too!

Cleanliness and Warmth

For maximum appeal, your new shower room should be gleaming, comfortably warm and inviting.  It’s easy to keep on top of the cleaning – wipe down the sink after use to maintain a sparkling appearance and I like to use a white eraser sponge on my shower screen for an easy clean up – no scrubbing or chemicals required!  Washing up liquid is good for cutting through any greasy residue in your shower tray after use and micro fibre cloths buff up tiles a treat.  You can keep grout looking new with a regular scrub – just use a toothbrush (keep it separate to the family’s toothbrushes though!)

Wall mounted sinks and furniture allow easy access for cleaning with a mop and you can use the space beneath to store a bin, scales, stylish baskets etc.

I hope this goes to show that creating a stunning shower room is possible and that working within a limited space allows you to consider every aspect in detail and get it 100% perfect.  Its an opportunity to put your creative juices to the test and magic a space that wows when people open the door!

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