Protecting your floors from your pets!

If you’re a pet owner, you know the score already! With all the love that you receive from them, it is also a great deal of responsibility.  In this blog we’re going to give you advice on the best flooring for your pets, as well as offering top tips to deal with accidents and pet hair. So, one of the first issues is….

Cleaning up the mess they leave behind

There’s no denying, pets leave a mess in their wake, and hair is probably the most irritating and unavoidable side effect you’ll have to deal with. Wooden floors are the easiest flooring type to clean.  All it needs is a quick clean with a damp mop; this process picks up any loose hairs easier than hoovers, that have a tendency to just blow the hair around the room instead!

For carpets, our recommendation would be to vacuum them twice over. However, if you own a squeegee (a device normally used for windows), they can pick up loose hairs in large clumps. It can be quite a time consuming process, but is also more effective.  Regularly brushing your pets is also recommended!

Pets can sometimes be prone to accidents of the unfortunate nature. In the early days in a home, it is something that can’t really be avoided whilst your pet acclimatises to their new surroundings. With wooden floors it is easy to clean with a damp cloth or mop- carpets are a little more difficult. It’s important you dry the area first, and once dried apply a solution of white vinegar, water and baking soda to neutralize the area, and a damp cloth will do the rest!

What is the best flooring for pets?

Our suggestion would be Vinyl Tiles as by far the best flooring for pets. First and foremost it has a good amount of friction, which will prevent your pets from sliding around and breaking your favourite vase! Engineered and solid wood are both a very good option, too.  However one of the downsides is the risk of damage. It is important to ensure your pet’s nails are trimmed, because scratching and surface damage can happen. Vinyl is far more water resistant, and is unlikely to leave watermarks from spillages.

Another strong option is good quality laminate flooring. If damage to your floor is a concern then this is definitely the option for you. It is very hard to cause permanent damage, and is easily one of the most cost effective options on the market.

There are a number of very good flooring types for homes with pets; it really comes down to personal choice!  Hopefully this guide has helped you to make your decision.

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