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A Guide to Romantic Boho Wedding Ideas

You said YES! So this is where you start your journey together. Getting married isn’t the same as dating, it is a beautiful new chapter. You will share so many happy moments. You will support each other during tough times. From now on, your home is wherever your partner is and you are a family.

Now it is time to celebrate your love and choose your wedding theme. Planning your wedding might be not the easiest task in the world, but the warm memories will stay with you forever.

Talk with your partner about how you both imagine the big day; if you agree on having a romantic, ethereal and non-traditional wedding, you can incorporate some boho wedding ideas for a truly romantic celebration. This artistic style may be the perfect wedding theme to reflect your shared taste.

boho wedding

Creative and socially unconventional, the bohemian lifestyle is known for expressing a free-spirited nature; in a wedding setting it can encapsulate simple elegance, intimacy and femininity, with a lot of beautiful details. If you think that the boho-chic wedding theme is exactly what you need, check this list of bohemian ideas:

 Perfect wedding attire

The look of the bride and the groom is very important. Make sure your outfits complement each other. There is no need to look for a wedding dress or suit together. You can surprise each other. However, you will need to discuss colours and any natural materials and design ideas with your other half.

Boho suit

 The main rule for a boho groom’s suit? That it feels comfortable and is ‘you’. That’s kind of the point of boho style, doing it your way. You can forget about the classic black and white tux or black suit with tie. Choose something more artistic and relaxed. Suits are usually light-coloured; the groom can also wear casual brown trousers with a neatly pressed white shirt. Ties and waistcoats are optional! Colourful bow ties and even cravats are popular.

Wedding dress

 Boho-chic wedding dresses have an airy and whimsical style. They may be straight and long or floaty. You can choose any kind in a soft colour including cream, soft peach, lavender and sage green. If you want to have a traditional white wedding dress, it’s nice to accessorise with fresh flowers. You may opt for a simple dress, or one that is totally unique. You may prefer a separate top and skirt and you may want to wear quirky footwear such as cowboy boots, trainers or even go barefoot – this could be an excellent option for couples who celebrate their wedding on the beach. In a forest setting, it would be beautiful to carry a gathered together, natural looking bouquet.

boho bouquet

Make-up & hair

Boho-chic makeup is usually very natural. There is only one rule: don’t overdo your make-up. If you look at yourself in the mirror when you are flushed, with pink lips and rosy cheeks, that is the typical Bohemian style and skin looking dewy. Choose a foundation and concealer that suits your skin and some highlighter will add a lovely glow to your face. Coloured lip gloss makes sure lips look extra kissable! Or perhaps you prefer a glitter lip balm or matte lipstick. The finishing touch is to apply some blush to your cheeks.

You can have fun with boho wedding hairstyles, incorporating braids and fresh flowers – especially in a flower crown – and other stunning wedding hair accessories. If your hair is long you may choose to have natural-looking waves, a loose up-do with a fringe or a tousled chignon. Your bridesmaids could have pretty tiaras or flower crowns.

boho bride

 Set the scene

The boho wedding theme is for creative couples and decorations can help to add a magical feel. The task is to create a fairy-tale setting. These are must-haves that can help you to do so:

boho wedding

Wooden tables Decorate them with candles and delicate flowers in glass jars. It should look natural, so you may not need table cloths.

Wooden chairs with wedding macrame Decorating the backs of wooden chairs with macrame is a wonderfully creative boho touch, or you could adorn them with a sprig of fresh flowers.

Indoor hammock The ambiance should be all about lightness and freedom, so a swing chair or woven hammock would not look out of place. It makes a great spot for guests to take pictures and relax.

Dream-catchers Not only a good decoration for your home, you can make a dream-catcher the symbol of your bohemian wedding. A few large, crochet and feather dream-catchers make beautiful dreamy decorations but are a nice keepsake after the wedding, too.

boho dreamcatcher

Wedding arch A key decoration for your boho wedding is an arch. You can have one made, make one yourself or hire one. Some couples like a triangle arch, but growing in popularity and especially suitable for a boho wedding is an arch featuring macrame draped from the arch. They are really beautiful!

Swing If you celebrate in the park or the forest, you can consider adding a bridal swing. It can be a great idea for a bridal photo session.

Small framed prints This is a nice way to involve your family in your wedding plans, if you ask them to share old family pictures. The pictures of your mum and grandma in their wedding dresses, for example, would be a lovely touch!

Mismatched rugs You could line your aisle with these for an informal, carefree look which is typical of the boho style.

Colourful pompoms Fill your wedding space with beautiful tissue pom poms for a vibrant and creative look.

Boho wedding cake Why not ask the baker to put edible or fresh flowers on top of your cake.

Caravan Not be the essential item on your wedding list, but a popular choice is to incorporate a caravan in your decor to help enhance the boho atmosphere. If your budget allows you, you can rent or buy a vintage caravan or motor home and decorate it. You can use it as a photo booth!

boho wedding caravan

Outdoor furnishing Bohemian weddings are usually celebrated on warmer May dates or during a hot August. Ensure your guests are comfortable with plenty of seats, cool drinks and refreshments and some shelter if you are going to be outdoors a lot of the time.

Of course, there are no strict rules when it comes to a boho wedding theme. There’s no right or wrong and as it is your special day, make sure it reflects your taste and you both as a couple. And believe that fairy-tales do come true…!

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