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6 Ways to Give Your Home a Luxurious Look

If you aspire to give your home’s interior a high end, glamorous style, but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are six steps to successful luxury living.

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Statement Furniture

You don’t need to invest in  lots of expensive furniture, if you don’t have the budget. Sometimes less is more! Pick a statement piece or two as a focus in your luxury scheme. For example, an elegant console table in the hall adds an element of grandeur. In the living room, you could opt for a plush velvet sofa in a timeless button back style paired with a beautiful antique cabinet. If you enjoy a DIY challenge, why not pick up an affordable Art Deco drinks cabinet from a second hand shop and refinish it in, an amazing shade of teal or gold.

If you prefer a more modern luxe vibe, consider an imposing corner sofa in pale grey, cream or white. I always think an essential piece of furniture for a luxurious look is a large, low coffee table with some aspirational lifestyle books and magazines on top. For more inspiration, you can see an exquisite range of furniture, lighting and accessories at GZ Premium who really understand the ‘art of luxury living’; they’re experts in sourcing a curated selection of luxury lifestyle pieces to add style to your home.

Upscale your Mirrors

You’ll tend to find in any luxury show homes or apartments a selection of large statement mirrors. This is something I noticed in the beautifully designed and styled luxury apartments at VI Castle Lane, London. Grand mirrors add drama to a space and are a clever way to bounce light around a room and make it feel larger. So why not think about propping a huge floor length mirror in the living room or bedroom. In the entrance hall an over-sized round wall mirror will stand out and add a glamorous feature.

luxury interiors
Luxury Interiors at VI Castle Lane

Using Metallics

Gold has been a really popular accent in homes recently, and it can certainly give an affluent feel to an interior. It’s best not to go over the top though, as too much tends to cheapen the look. Find ways to introduce gold, brass or copper in a more subtle and tasteful way – for example in your light switch plates or by upgrading handles on cupboards and doors with chic metallic hardware. If you prefer silver, you can also introduce it in table lamps, picture or photo frames and various objet d’art. It works well with pale furnishings, such as whites and creams.

Adding Texture

Think about your soft furnishings carefully – rich velvets can convey a luxe feel, as can cashmere sofa throws and definitely opt for extra large cushions – there is even a ‘luxe’ way to plump them! Karate chop them so they have an indentation on top, rather than sitting flat across. Rugs are a good idea, the larger the better. You could opt for a hide rug or sheepskin for a more edgy ‘rockstar’ feel and window dressings deserve consideration. I always think that lined curtains look more luxurious than flimsy ones. Plantation shutters are a smart alternative if you don’t like curtains.

Luxury Lighting

Although you may not think of lighting first and foremost, it really is key when it comes to luxurious interior design. Beautiful lamps and chandeliers can add an expensive and grand look to a room. Concealed lighting is another nice touch which gives a room a more high end feel. If you need help with planning your living room lighting, this post with professional interior design advice is a good starting point.

luxury lighting

Finishing touches

A luxurious home can be quite layered with objects, imposing artwork etc. or it can be very minimal. Either style will only work if there is an absence of general clutter. We all have ‘life admin’ to attend to, but find a cupboard, filing cabinet or even a box under the bed to banish paperwork and make sure things like fitness equipment and kids school bags have a home. Some storage solutions are really chic these days so you don’t have to compromise on style.

Think about the finest hotel you’ve ever stayed in. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the attention to detail that can make all the difference in elevating a hotel room or suite: bed sheets with a high thread count; fluffy towels in the bathroom and a smart handwash dispenser. Don’t forget things like a beautifully scented candle or reed diffuser on the mantelpiece and of course fresh flowers in a tall vase.

Whether you want to go for all out luxury or just make a few edits to your home, it’s always nice to add a little luxury!

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