Ideas that Will Turn Your Bedroom into a Happy Place

Your bedroom is a crucial part of the house; it’s where you take a step back, relax and replenish your energy after a hard day at work. That’s why you should invest some time and effort into making it a happy place. There are plenty of things you can do to transform it into a little corner of heaven, so here’s a little bit of bedroom inspiration:

Add Privacy

Think of your bedroom as you would a sanctuary. After all, it is the peaceful haven you go to, to recharge every night and face each day afresh. Take steps to ensure that you have adequate privacy. A good way to achieve this is with adjustable window blinds, such as the ones you can find on Makemyblinds. Their versatility filters light and allows you to hide away from the rest of the world whenever you like. Of course, when you feel like enjoying the view, you can simply raise them up. 

Soothing Colours

When it comes to colours, there are plenty of options out there. The general consensus is that colours in a bedroom ought to be as calming as possible. This means perhaps opting for shades of cream, white and blue. You can also go for darker tones, such as greys and darker inky blues, as those tend to bring about tranquility too, more so than warmer colours.

Transform Your Bed into a Cloud

Since the bed is the place where all the relaxation and recharging happens, it should be as comfortable as possible. Of course, this means different things for different people, since some prefer softer mattresses, while others prefer firmer ones. It’s all a matter of personal taste, so try to ensure your bed provides you with optimal levels of comfort. New mattresses can be quite expensive, so if you’re not in a position to buy one just yet, maybe consider purchasing a mattress topper in the interim; they can be really good for increasing comfort levels at a more affordable price.

Something else you can do to add to this cloud-like feeling is adding lots of pillows. Two or three larger ones topped off with scatter cushions is a popular choice. It’s a great way to introduce extra colours and textures too, creating the perfect place for you to sleep.

Blankets and Blankets

Something else all comfy beds have in common is the addition of layers: blankets, throws, quilts, duvets – they all help to dress a bed and make it cosy and inviting. Again, you can play with as many different textures and colours as your heart desires. You can co-ordinate them with the pillows, or not, depending on the specific look you want to achieve.

Scent it Up

Being surrounded by scents you love and which are relaxing can change any space for the better. There are many ways to achieve this, from burning candles (with care), to using an oil diffuser, to even having a few dried flowers by your bed. Lavender is a great example of a plant offering an amazing scent that helps you relax and fall to sleep faster. Alternatives are chamomile and linden.

Bring in Light

When you’re sleeping, your bedroom should be as dark as possible, with no distractions to keep you awake. However, for those times when you’re simply relaxing or kicking back with your favourite book, there should be sufficient light. You can start off by placing mirrors on walls, since light will bounce against them, making the space look and feel brighter.

You can then layer all sorts of different lights, including a ceiling pendant, side table lamp and wall lights. You can even add cool devices, such as a star projector or a crystal ball prism, for added magical effects around you. Some people also swear by Himalayan salt lamps.

Display Sentimental Items

Memories have a very strong impact on us, being capable of taking us back into a certain state in the blink of an eye. With that in mind, it can be a wonderful idea to display a few items that remind you of a happy moment in your life. This way, you’ll see them before going to bed, and first thing in the morning, which can kickstart a positive day ahead.

Keep a Gratitude Journal on Your Bedside Table

Gratitude has an amazing effect on the brain so having a gratitude journal by your bed can be a nice idea. That way, each night before you go to sleep, you can write down a few of the experiences you are grateful for. Then, whenever a bad day comes along, you have something good to turn to and it may even put a smile on your face.

Your bedroom is your little oasis of peace, which is why should invest time into making sure that it brings you as much joy as possible. Little things, like the way you arrange your bedding, the lights you use, being able to feel safe and sheltered from the rest of the world and being surrounded by scents and sights you love can have a very big impact on how you feel in the sanctuary of your bedroom.

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