A “Law Unto Itself?” What To Think About Before Your Child Studies Law

Many parents think that getting their children to study law is a sure fire way to a great career. But there’s many misconceptions about the law route. If your children are now in the process of preparing to go to university or they are wondering what to study, a law degree may not be the best thing if you go into it with the wrong approach. You need to be aware of the following. 

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The Career Prospects Are Diverse, but Not Guaranteed

Yes, law is a very well respected degree, and there are a wide range of career choices. There are many successful immigration lawyers and civil rights lawyers, but having a law degree does not guarantee a shortcut to a stable and lucrative career. Gradually, over the last decade, many chambers and law firms have been reducing the number of their pupillage, and the initial few years of being a lawyer is very low-paid, with a lot of work. It’s important for your child to go into the career with their eyes firmly open. 

The Cost

It’s not just about the cost of the degree itself, but the cost of the textbooks alone can be financially crippling. Law textbooks over the course of one academic year can cost into the hundreds, which is a lot for any family with a modest income. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the cost of living as a student, which is a key part of anybody’s life experience in education. 

The Studying Is Intense

Yes, we all expect university to come with a certain level of education and research, but the subject of law is a law unto itself, and there are many stories of law students spending all day and all night in the library, and because of the sheer wealth of facts and figures, it doesn’t hurt for your child to have an abundance of memory tactics. However, it can be easier if you are organised and focused on work. 

It Is Not a Way to Get Free Legal Advice from Your Child! 

The reality is that, when your child goes to university to study law, they do not know the ins and outs of libel law, and it cannot get you out of a phone contract! It may be tempting, but if you start asking your child all these questions, you are going to get the cold shoulder. So just don’t! 

Just Because Your Child Did Well at A-Levels Doesn’t Guarantee Success in Law School

Degree level law can be a lot more intense, not to mention competitive. And there is a certain archetype of a lawyer, a very confident and assured individual who knows how to argue the toss over anything. And if your child doesn’t feel that way inclined, you have to think whether they are cut out for it. It will boost their confidence and give them skills for the real world, but it’s important to remember that the law world is quite oversubscribed at the moment, but also studying law doesn’t just mean they need to be a lawyer – they can apply it to so many other career choices as well.

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