Moving Together? How To Transform the Home

Moving together is an exciting time. More often than not, it’s the case of one partner moving into the other’s house. So, if you are in this situation and if your partner is joining you in your home, now’s the best time to consider some essential improvements ahead of your couple’s life. 

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Indeed, we all have different needs and styles. So, to create a home that will be a happy place for both of you, it’s essential to adjust your interior accordingly. You need to take account of your partner’s needs and tastes. Does it mean transforming your lovingly established decor? The good news is that you don’t have to let go of the things you like. But here are some small changes that can make a huge difference for your partner. 

Make it allergy-free

According to Allergy UK, at least 12 million people are allergic to something inside their homes. Allergy sufferers may not be aware of the cause of their allergies. Many may not even realise they have an allergic reaction, as they might only experience sneezing or a blocked nose. But, it’s worth making time to reduce allergy risks inside your home. It’s tough to point out exactly what can trigger allergic reactions. But dust, synthetic bedding material, excess pet dander and hair, and some paint products present a source of risk. You can reduce their presence inside your home ahead of the move together. 

Give your partner a home office space

Sharing wardrobes and cabinets are easy. But have you considered a home office? Your partner may not be ready to work from home every day or at all. However, a desk and a place to keep their important documents will be a nice addition. Whether your partner wants to prepare a new CV or is trying to apply for the indefinite leave to remain, they need a spot where they can work on it. It’s worth asking them if they have furniture they want to bring to your place. Some people have kept a desk and a small set of drawers from their student days. So why not create a cosy and quiet spot for these at home? 

Create a couple’s decor

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What exactly does a couple’s decor look like? It could look like anything you both enjoy. The purpose of decoration (or redecoration) as a couple is to avoid argument and disagreement. Ultimately, if your partner is coming to live with you, it’s only fair they feel at home too. Decorating as a couple will require a set of ground rules to cooperate effectively. The rules will define the common objective and agree on a starting point. For instance, you can choose to gradually alter some of your room. Agree on how much you are both willing to change and spend on it. Then, you can decide on what comes in, stays, or goes. Finally, you can discuss your must-have elements and how much you are willing to compromise. 

Turning your home into a couple’s nest doesn’t have to imply a radical change of decor and habits. Instead, you can focus on essential additions or alterations that will make your partner feel at home too. From a coordinated decor to a workstation they can call their own, these simple changes can make your home couple-friendly. 

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