Golden Rules for Taking Care of Your Skin During Summer

Summertime has arrived and while you’re most probably looking forward to all those social gatherings. However, during summer, there is an increase in temperature, heat, and humidity which could make your skin look rough and patchy. Furthermore, the sun’s intensity encourages your body to produce more melanin pigments which cause tanning. Therefore, to maintain your best skin throughout the summer, you must take great care of it and adjust your skincare program as well.

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Here are the golden rules for taking care of your skin during the summer period.

Rule #1: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is non-negotiable during the summer. During your morning skincare routine, start with a cream or lotion base and preferably apply every two hours if you spend the day under the sun. You can go with sunscreen sticks, sprays, or powders, all of them work – the important thing is that they are broad spectrum and 50+ SPF.

Rule #2: Lighter Moisturizer

During summer, it’s best to swap out the buttery, thick moisturizers and heavy cold creams for a lighter moisturizer. Your skin does not require that much moisture during the summer and a cream too heavy can lead to clogged pores. Instead, choose a lighter moisturizer that is gel or water-based. This will be light and non-sticky but still give you the moisture that you need.

Rule #3: Invest in a Good Serum

Vitamin C and other antioxidants are suitable for all-year-round use but are even more crucial during the summer. Among many other benefits, serums help smooth out the look of fine lines, assist with the production of collagen and prevent hyperpigmentation. After cleansing and before moisturizing, gently pat into your skin several drops of a good quality serum, like BL+ Complex for example. If you are into beauty tools, use a cold jade roller to enhance the absorption of the serum and get rid of puffiness at the same time.

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Rule #4: Exfoliate Once a Week

It is important to include exfoliation in your skincare routine during the summer, especially if your skin is oily. Slightly increase the number of days per week that you exfoliate if you notice a change in your complexion. This is crucial to unclog your pores, eliminate the oils that cause acne, and leave you with smoother skin. Be careful of not overdoing it though, exfoliation can be intense and it’s important to not sensitize and stress out the skin.

Rule #5: Avoid Heavy Makeup

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Summer is the period when you need to ease up on your makeup. Wear little to no face makeup to allow your skin to breathe. Heat and humidity are already suppressing the ability of your skin to breathe and are stressing it out. Therefore, avoid heavy makeup on your face and go for multi-use products, such tinted lip balm, tinted moisturizer and soft cream blush.

During summer, focus on healthy skin, ditch makeup, and most importantly, never forget sunscreen. It is equally important to hydrate your skin from the inside out. Therefore, drink lots of water, eat light fresh vegetables and fruits, and incorporate a targeted supplement such as collagen.

It is easy to perfect your skincare regimen during the summer!

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