A Review of Roller Blinds from ‘Order Blinds’

Choosing blinds for your home can be confusing and sometimes costly.  The appeal of online blinds companies is the fact they can offer competitive pricing, but there are lots of competitors in the market and it can be hard choosing who to go with.

Recently I was contacted by Order Blinds who wondered if I would like to try ordering some blinds through their website, so that I could share the process and end results with you.

Order Blinds online

My eldest son’s roller blind has been looking distinctly shabby and I knew needed replacing, plus we didn’t have one at all in our tiny toilet cubicle upstairs, so those were the two rooms I decided to try the blinds in.

In my son’s urban loft style bedroom, he had a plain mid-grey blackout roller blind which suited the style and colour scheme of the room, so we opted for a similar roller blind, but in a slightly darker grey called the Zinc blackout thermal made to measure roller blind, prices starting at £29.  Previously, our son Alex’s blind sat outside of the window alcove, purely because it was bought off the shelf and not made to measure and I wouldn’t have been confident about cutting it down to size.  With Order Blinds, I knew that by following their measuring instructions I should be able to get a nice fit inside the window, which I think often looks better and more bespoke.

grey roller blind

In our little loo, it’s such a tiny space there isn’t much opportunity to get any real design features in there, so a patterned blind is one way to add a new dimension.  I was quite taken with the nice range of patterned roller blinds and in particular this Cube Grey design, with prices starting at £40.

nickel roller blind chain

With both blinds I also chose a nickel finished chain, as I think it looks smarter than the normal white plastic ones you see on many blinds.

nickel chain blinds

I’m always a bit nervous about measuring up for stuff like this in case I get it wrong, but I made sure to check a couple of times and followed the instructions on the website about the importance of measuring in three different places (see ‘how to measure your blinds’ and the guide on ‘how to fit your blinds’ on the website).  I found the measuring guide to be clear, concise and easy to follow, so I felt confident about placing my order.

The blinds despite being made to order came pretty quickly, inside two weeks, and arrived extremely well packaged.  The quality of fabric and the overall look is really nice.  My husband fitted them without difficulty thanks to the instructions.

Here is the blind in our loo, please ignore the fact that it still needs decorating – it has only just been plastered, but I couldn’t wait to see the blind up!

patterned roller blind from Order Blinds

cube design roller blind

We’re really pleased with our choices and I would have no hesitation in recommending Order Blinds for roller blinds, they have a good choice of colours and designs and you can be confident of getting some smart, good quality window blinds at reasonable prices.

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