space saving bathroom ideas

How to maximise space in your bathroom

Owning a small bathroom myself, I was recently commissioned by Bathing Solutions to give my thoughts on this topic! In an ideal world we’d all have spacious bathrooms, with room for a double sink etc. but the reality is that many of our houses simply don’t offer that luxury.

Large walk in shower

The good news, though, is that there are lots of ways to maximise the space you do have and to make the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. Here’s how:

Petite fixtures & fittings

small sink

Some specialist bathroom suppliers will offer more compact versions of their products for tiny spaces. Think about how you would fit out a downstairs loo under the stairs, for example – you’d have to opt for a really small, space-saving cloakroom sink and there are even shallow toilets that don’t come out as far from the wall. Measuring your space carefully and checking the dimensions of fixtures and fittings is a crucial part of bathroom planning.

If you can’t accommodate a separate bath and shower, why not combine the two with a shower over the bath. Or how about a walk-in bath as another alternative? These are great for the elderly or anyone who requires a safer option for bathing. They are super compact and space saving, too!

Going bright & light

It’s an old trick, but it’s one that works. Keeping your walls and floor pale and neutral tends to give an impression of spaciousness. Dark colours can make a space feel cosy and intimate, but if you want a fresh, light and airy feel then white or light grey tiles and neutral walls, ceiling and floor will all add to the illusion of a bigger space.

Removing visual clutter

Grey shower room

This is a key factor. Any space that is cluttered will automatically feel smaller. You can incorporate some freestanding storage, but it’s not just about tidying away bottles and containers. It’s also about not having a heavy-framed shower cubicle in a small space, as I realised in our own bathroom design, having taken advice from a designer. It would have simply added to the visual clutter, making the room feel smaller and more enclosed. So by going for a simple floating shower screen instead, as we did, you minimise those features that tend to break up a space.

Wall hung solutions

space saving bathroom ideas

When vanity units, toilets and cupboards go all the way down to the floor, immediately the floor space looks full, with little area left to step around. By opting for a wall hung toilet, sink or vanity and wall cupboards, you free up that floor space and the room automatically feels like it has a bigger footprint.

Mirrors for the win

Another old device to trick the eye is the use of mirrors. The room feels twice as large due to the reflection and the movement of light around the space. You could copy the hotel look by hanging a really large vanity mirror above the sink, or even place one on the wall alongside the length of the bath. A full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door can work well if you don’t have sufficient wall space.

You can find even more tips and ideas in this article.

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