Advanced Collagen Supplement Trial with Known Nutrition – 3 Month Results

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Three months have already been and gone since I started taking a daily supplement of Advanced Collagen, for a trial in conjunction with Known Nutrition and KP Aesthetics who monitored the progress of 50 women taking part with an in-depth skin analysis. Now I am excited to give an update on the results I have noticed, as there have been further discernable benefits since my six week review.

Did you know that:

  • Collagen is essential for the health of bones, skin, blood vessels, and all the body’s organs. It is naturally found in meat and fish that contain connective tissue. However, a variety of both animal and plant foods contain materials for collagen production in our own bodies.
  • Low collagen levels can lead to joint problems and a lack of elasticity in the skin. Unfortunately as we age, our collagen production declines.
  • When taken by mouth, collagen proteins, or peptides seem to build up in the skin and cartilage.
  • Collagen supplements come in powders, pills or liquid – there are different sources of collagen; bovine (derived from cows) or marine collagen, which comes from fish skin.

Known Nutrition: Advanced Collagen Supplement

For me, a marine collagen option appealed the most as I do believe in the health benefits of fish oils. Marine collagen is also the most similar to the collagen we produce naturally.

Some supplements are reported to taste horrible, but Known Nutrition’s Advanced Collagen product is a non-fishy, fruity liquid which contains 5g of hydrolised* marine collagen and 8 active ingredients including vitamins and minerals. A single summer fruits flavoured gel sachet is taken every day and being consistent and taking it daily is key.

*Hydrolised means that the collagen is broken down into smaller particles that are easier for the body to digest, rather than it just passing through the gut.

My Results at 12 weeks

It has been a really interesting trial and people have commented that I am looking well lately. Although I was gifted the three month supply for my feedback and findings, I am so happy with the results that I am carrying on as a regular paying customer from now on. Here’s what I have found:


Collagen helps to hold onto moisture, which results in plumper, more radiant and dewy skin. My lines are still present but slightly softer thanks to the increased hydration and volume.

(I’m not wearing foundation in pic 2, I have just been applying a sunscreen more regularly and now that it’s winter, the freckles have faded.)

When I moisturise, then add a drop of facial oil and some illuminating foundation, that’s when my skin looks at it’s best – compare this before and after:


It’s funny, I didn’t really think about the skin on my body potentially improving too, but it feels soft and silky all over now, including my chest, upper arms and thighs.

Something very noticeable has happened to the skin on the backs of my hands. Normally at this time of year, especially during the recent icy spell of weather, my hands would get really dry, chapped and rough textured. I have to apply a barrier cream but this topical application would only have a temporary effect.

Now though my hands are staying healthy and supple, not chapped or dry at all. It’s like they’re being moisturised from the inside is the only way I can describe it.

My legs also aren’t as dry and thirsty for moisturiser as previously and in general my skin’s tone and texture looks better – it’s a bit like a subtle filter (my mum asked if I was wearing tights on my bare legs the other day!)


I didn’t know that collagen may help improve the look of cellulite – I learned this at the end of the trial, which was so interesting for me as I had been thinking that my thighs looked better lately. Like lots of women I have cellulite – but I think it looks a little less noticeable. I have been doing weekly strength training since the summer, so I think I’m seeing the benefits of both – tone from the training and texture from the collagen. What has occured to me is that even though I have run pretty regularly for the past five or six years, doing that never brought the benefits to my legs that I am seeing now.

Hair & nails

My nails are stronger than they were and I was able to grow them quite long recently.

I haven’t noticed a difference with my hair as yet in terms of thickness… but as hair is slow to grow, I’m hopeful that it may come through a bit thicker and healthier-looking. However it doesn’t seem as frizzy as it used to be so I’m hoping the moisturising effect I’m seeing in my skin is also translating into my hair, too.

(Being menopausal has had an adverse effect on my hair; the individual hair strands thin during the menopause and apparently HRT can help prevent that happening if you get on it early enough.)


In the first six weeks of the trial I didn’t notice any difference to my joints. However since then I’m going to tentatively say that I think my aches and stiffness have dialed down a little bit – although I guess I have swapped them for more working out pain!

I was getting sick of feeling like a 100 year old not so long ago, and I do still have moments – particularly my ankles and soles of feet first thing in the morning.

I’m prepared to throw everything at this as I really don’t want to feel old before my time – strength training, collagen – plus I have begun to take a cod liver oil and glucosamine supplement more recently. So perhaps I will review things again in another 3 months, by which time I’ll have been taking collagen for 6 months – and will have started HRT too, which is known to help combat those annoying midlife aches.

Try it

Would you like to try Known Nutrition’s Advanced Collagen? I’d love to hear about what benefits you’d love to see from taking a daily supplement… If you have any questions do drop me a message and if you fancy giving the supplement a go, I have a 20% discount code you can use here at Known Nutrition when you apply TIDYLIFE20 at the checkout.

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