Are There Any Real Differences Between Walking and Running Shoes?

If anyone has ever told you that a shoe is just a shoe, and as long as it fits, it’s fine, we need to re-look at that. Also, the belief that multipurpose shoes are just fine. Well, yes maybe – if you are open to injury and discomfort. Doesn’t sound appealing, does it? Let’s explore further.

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Pass up on pretty

A good-looking shoe will never be as functional as a purpose-specific shoe, and while it is certainly possible to find shoes that address both aspects, function should always take priority over appearance. What you want from a shoe, whether for walking or running, is support, cushioning and protection, and “cute” has no place in this equation,

Don’t let others decide for you

It’s very difficult to pass up on a great Nike shoes sale, but it’s crucial that you bear in mind that just because a shoe is trademarked and of good quality, it doesn’t make it the right shoe for you. It is a salesperson’s job to convince you otherwise, but if you wear an otherwise fantastic shoe for the wrong purpose, you put yourself at great risk of injury, in the form of backache, swollen feet and poor alignment. It is vital that your buy the right shoe for the job.

Walking shoes, for example, should sit snugly but softly around your feet, and provide enough stability to prevent injury, but not be so tight and stiff as to restrict blood flow. Look out for a pair with enough cushioning to prevent chafing and blisters. Remember – you are bound to spend a lot of time on your feet while wearing these, so the experience should be improved by the shoes, not made worse and more uncomfortable.

What do you like to do?

Whether it’s your job or your hobby that keeps you on your feet, you need to find a pair of shoes that will protect your spinal alignment, by adequately protecting your feet. Lots of cushioning around the feet and arches will go a long way in keeping you comfortable on your feet.

What about running shoes?

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If ever there was an occasion for wearing purpose-designed shoes, running would be it. The impact that your feet and joints are subjected to during running can cause significant structural damage if the shoes you wear for the activity are incorrect.

For the ideal pair of running shoes, look out for something with adequate ventilation to get rid of the heat that is generated by running. Additionally, you don’t want to be varying around more weight than you need if speed is your objective, so keep your running shoes lightweight, but stable, and sold enough to not fall apart after a few uses.

Whatever the job you need the shoe to do, keep the end goal in mind when picking shoes, and your spine will thank you for years to come.

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