Essential Items to Buy for A Newborn Baby

Online shopping is the way to go these days and it can be difficult especially if you have a newborn baby to cater for. Below is a list of the essential items you will need for your new baby. Having a list like this will help ensure you get what you need without buying items that you won’t use or your child will grow out of too quickly.  

There are a number of online shops now that will cater to your every need, you don’t need a lot of time as you can do everything in one place, this is a great time saver. For example, have a look at For Your Little One where you can easily purchase the items listed below and get them delivered directly to your door without hassle.  

Baby clothes

Don’t go overboard with the baby clothes though as they grow out of them so quickly! Opt for about 10 babygrows (all-in-ones). For the first few weeks, your baby will be in these non-stop. They are so easy to put on and take off and they wash like a dream. You will be doing plenty of washing when you have a new baby in the house!  

Having a selection of vests with poppers at the bottom is also a great option. Again opt for about 10 of these. Ensure you get the one with the poppers as these are easy to get on and off quickly.

Opt for a couple of cardigans, as these are especially helpful in the colder months. It’s a good option for layering especially if you are going out for a walk.

Again if it’s in the colder months, having a hat is a good idea to keep the baby’s head warm. Another good option is to have mitts, these not only keep your baby’s hands warm but can also help with reducing the number of scratches your baby will get on their face with their tiny nails. Babies often scratch their face with their nails so having these on when the baby is sleeping is another good tip!


Having a good selection of nappies on hand will certainly help. If you are opting for disposable ones then you will need at least 12 per day. If you decide on reusable nappies you should have on hand 15 per day. Remember though with reusable, you will need to clean them or pay for a company to do this for you. Whatever you decide make sure you do what is right for you.  


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At the start when you bring your baby home, they can sleep in a Moses basket beside your bed. This is a good option. You don’t need a cot right away but you could decide to purchase one to have as your baby grows. Whatever option you choose you will need a selection of sheets for the mattress and you could opt for a sleeping bag for your baby which is preferable to blankets. 


You can choose to bathe your baby in your own bath but having a baby bath is very useful as you can bathe the baby in any room and ensure the temperature is at the right level. Baby towels are another useful addition as they often come with a hood but you can choose to use your own if you wish to save on what you spend.

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