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SureFeed Pet Bowl
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As a nation we love spending quality time with our pets and anything that makes pet care a little easier has got to be a good thing.  Fortunately it seems that home automation has branched out into the pet product world, saving us time and effort.

I’ve recently been having a browse online at ‘PetsPyjamas’, which is essentially a cool department store for our furry friends, with over 10,000 practical products and stylish accessories!

I already knew there were lots of products out there for dogs, but I was surprised at the array of cat accessories, too.  Talk about pampered.  But we do like to spoil them, don’t we, when they give us their companionship and make us laugh with their antics.

So today I’m sharing some of the best automatic cat products you can shop for at PetsPyjamas – and we’ve also tested out a couple at home ourselves.  More below:


Automatic Feeding Dish

There’s not much I don’t like about summer, but throwing cat food away that has dried out and gone off quickly feels like such a waste.  And how utterly gross if a fly gets in the kitchen and lays its eggs on the food bowl – imagine your poor cat coming back to their dish and having to face that.

So I tend to give our two cats less wet food and more dry when the weather is hot (plus extra drinking water of course).  But I may not need to cut back on the wet food pouches with this really cool feeding bowl, by SureFeed:

Automatic pet food bowl

Pets Pyjamas

With an automatic dish cover, simply insert four 1.5V batteries and the lid will be activated by movement, when your cat approaches the bowl.  The clear cover lifts away gently and quietly, so as not to startle the cat, revealing the wide shallow bowl, giving them complete access to their food.  Only after they have finished eating and walked away will the lid will close again.  It’s so  clever and hygienic, keeping food fresher for longer and bug free, as the food cover has a nice tight seal when it is closed.

We’ve only been using it for a few days but haven’t had to throw any food away in that time, so I know it will save money in the longer run – I definitely think its a worthwhile purchase for pet lovers.  Nice and easy to clean, too.

There’s also a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, triggered to open by your pet’s microchip, so only he or she can access the food bowl meant for them – great when you have more than one cat and one in particular tends to eat all the food!

Digital Pet Feeder

An alternative type of automatic pet bowl is one that dispenses food by itself.  This can be great whether you are at home or away.  PetSafe’s digital meal dispenser allows you to customise your pet’s feeding schedule, which is also ideal for those pets needing a little – ahem – weight management.  It is pet proof so they can’t steal food, it can dispense food slowly for greedy pets and you can schedule up to 12 meals a day.

Automatic cat feeder UK

Water Fountain

Cats tend to be attracted to running water – you’ll sometimes see them sneaking a drink from a dripping bath tap, for example.  It’s fresher than water that’s left to stand in a bowl, so why not think about getting a water fountain for your cat?  This can also encourage those cats that seem a bit reluctant to drink.  Plug it in and let your cats enjoy filtered flowing water whenever they like!

Comfort & Hygiene

Litter Box

Some cats prefer to toilet outside but many like a nice clean litter tray (our pampered princess comes in from the garden to use the tray and then goes back out again!).  For those that stay indoors all the time, a litter tray is of course essential.  But changing it can be a chore, so you might consider investing in an automatic litter box.

Now some of the prices of these can be a bit eye watering at first glance, but they are extremely high tech with top end models featuring self-flushing and cleaning; they even have reusable cat litter that never needs replacing.  Amazing!

Electric Blanket

Cats love to seek out sources of warmth – whether that’s your lap or your laptop!  (We often find ours trying to cosy up on top of the Sky box or the boys’ Playstation, too.)  I’m sure any cat would be delighted with an electric blanket for when the weather gets cold.  And if you have an elderly cat, they might benefit from a heated blanket to soothe any aches and pains in their old age.  Aww.


Now, younger kitties especially – and some oldies – like to play, but you don’t always have the time to chase around the room or garden with a toy mouse on the end of a string.  So how about some automated toys for them to enjoy?

Cat Laser

If you’ve ever waggled a laser pen around the floor for your cat, you’ll know how much they like to chase that red dot.  Well, with a battery operated automated laser light toy  by PetSafe you can switch it on and let it do all the work.

Automatic cat laser toy

We were sent one of these simple but effective automatic toys.  It throws a red laser dot onto the floor and moves it randomly and at different speeds so your cat can enjoy the thrill of the chase.

If your cat prefers trying to catch a creature, there are toys that feature an electronic mouse whizzing round a track or a piece of cheese darting in and out of holes to tempt your moggie to get active.

So as you can see, there are some really nifty automated products on the market for your cat.  If you could do with a bit of labour saving where your pet is concerned, or just want to give them a nice little treat such as a new collar, bed, blanket or toy, you should check out the lovely collections online at PetsPyjamas.

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