Areas Of Your Home That Need Routine Deep Cleaning 

If you’re not really a fan of cleaning, the idea of deep cleaning your house may send some chills down your spine; it may make you want to crawl up into a ball and cry. But, deep cleaning is not all doom and gloom. Research shows that routine deep cleaning can dramatically reduce your chances of contracting dust and dirt-borne diseases caused by bacteria and pathogens found in your residential home. 

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Deeping cleaning can be a time-consuming task; therefore, keeping a routine assists you in managing your time effectively and gives you the pleasure of always having a spotless home, which is just as important for your family as general cleanliness.  

Here are five areas of your home that need routine deep cleaning.  


This may sound somewhat counter intuitive or pointless, but it is not. 100% of the dust, dirt, and germs that make their way into your house come from the outside. Key areas such as window seals, patio railings, and outdoor furniture are all exposed to disease-causing pathogens. 

Use a versatile pressure washer to clean the exterior of your house. Pressure washers use a gas or electric motor-powered engine to pump high-pressure water through a nozzle to remove grime or dirt from surfaces. To find the best pressure washer for you, check out this source: 

You may also use pressure washers for cleaning fencing, cars, grills, driveways, pools, drains, ducts, and gutters. 

Ceiling Fans And Light Fixtures 

The cleaning or dusting of light fixtures and ceiling fans may often be ignored in your daily cleaning routine, and rightly so. Because these household items are so far out of reach, it is easy to forget to learn them. Due to this consistency in cleaning, light fixtures and ceiling fans are covered with a myriad of dust and germs. 

Carpets And Flooring 

The floors are the household item most vulnerable to dust and dirt. Carpets are a great flooring option as they trap dirt and germs, therefore encouraging the circulation of clean air in your home.  

However, long-term neglect of cleaning your floors or carpet can pose a significant threat to your health. Deteriorating dust mites and bacteria may lead to airborne diseases such as trachea infections and other respiratory illnesses. 


The bathroom is the most bacteria-prone area of any home. The moisture caused by water in the bathroom is the breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. Dampness found in corners and around the bathtub, shower, basin, and toilet encourages rapid bacteria and fungal growth that leads to illnesses such as urinary tract infections. 

We recommend that you clean your bathroom daily to ensure that you do not allow bacteria or fungi to grow. 


The kitchen is the most important area of your home. In the kitchen, you prepare and store your food and beverages. Your kitchen is vulnerable to bacterial growth as it has significant exposure to rotten food, drink slips, and insects such as flies and cockroaches that can cause cross-contamination.  

Therefore you must clean your kitchen daily to limit the amount of cross-contamination and presence of illness-causing germs. 

Daily routine deep cleaning is not necessary for all areas of your home. However, there are areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen where daily cleaning is highly encouraged.     

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