How to Make Your House into a Home 

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Buying your first house, or even your second or third house can feel like quite a big leap into the unknown. Living somewhere and sleeping there every night means that place becomes extremely familiar to you, and it often becomes the place where you feel most comfortable. It is so important to make sure you enjoy where you live and that you feel as though you belong there as opposed to simply being a resident there. There are a few simple things that you can do to make a house from somewhere you live and sleep, to somewhere that you actually feel is yours.  

Cover It with Personal Photographs 

Personalising your home to reflect you, your friends and your family is a first vital step to take when making it somewhere that you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you live alone, this can also provide a sense of comfort and a reminder about all the wonderful people who are present in your life. You could even make photo albums that live on the mantlepiece using a service like Photobox. You can pick them up and look at them to remind yourself of good times and happy memories. With Photobox, you can even order one straight from your phone, which is great if you haven’t quite set up your home office just yet.  

When picking the front cover for your album photo, try and pick one from a time that you felt great – this feeling will undoubtedly come flooding back when you look at these pictures. When you have guests over, it can be nice for them to see a bit more of your life through pictures, and no matter who these pictures are of, they should be of people or memories that you feel reflect your life and personality.  

Use Your Favourite Colours to Decorate

When decorating your home, pick colours that you enjoy looking at and make you feel relaxed. You could even have a separate colour theme for the different rooms in your house, while following the theme of the room. For example, why not go with greys and olive green for your kitchen, blues for your bathrooms and reds and pinks for your living room? If you prefer to keep your walls to a classic white or cream, you could add the colour elements through furniture and ornaments. This way, you can change it up if you get bored of the colour theme.  

You want people to think that your home is reflective of your personality, and this is partly done through the colour scheme. If you are crazy and bold, then go for bright colours and patterns, and if you see yourself as more of a relaxed person you could stick with a pastel or neutral theme.  

Add Cosy Elements to Your Home

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Cosy elements are super important to making your house feel more like a home. This includes adding blankets and throws to your sofa and putting cushions all over it too. You should add candles around your house which you can light on colder winter evenings, giving the rooms a comforting homely vibe. Additionally, you should try and incorporate some lighting into your home that isn’t simply the main lighting from your lightbulbs – rather, add some cosy, low lit mood lighting in the form of fairy lights or lamps dotted around the place.  

It doesn’t have to just be your kitchen that feels warm and cosy; other rooms of your house can feel this way too. This will mean there are a variety of options when you are looking to chill out and relax in a room.  

Add Some Flowers or House Plants

Adding flowers and house plants gives your house a sense of feeling and purpose, since they are something that you have to tend to and look after. This will mean your house feels alive with something you need to maintain, rather than just a place you live in. House plants are great for air quality too, so the more, the better!  

Before buying house plants, make sure you do your research properly. Different kinds of plants need different amounts of water and sunlight, and it is important that you stick to these guidelines if you want to keep your plants alive for a long time. Therefore, be realistic with how much time you are willing to commit to your plants and if you feel as though you won’t be great at tending to them, go for something more low maintenance such as a succulent or a cactus.  

Making a house a home doesn’t happen overnight so don’t stress out if you don’t instantly feel attached to or comfortable in your new place. It takes time and the more items you accumulate, the more it will feel like somewhere you belong. Keep decorating and every time you see something quirky when you’re out, buy it for your home and you will quickly build up an amazing and unique living space!  

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