Dulux colour of the year 2015

Beating Those Decorating Doubts

Dulux colour of the year 2015
Dulux colour of the year 2015 – Copper Blush

Choosing the perfect style for your rooms can be difficult. You only have to flick through a home magazine or scroll through Pinterest to realise that lots of different styles catch your eye and so there’s always that fear that pick one and then walk into your home one day and regret all of your style choices.

As with most people we just don’t have the money or time to buy all new furniture and accessories or uproot our lives to redecorate every few months. Finding a style you love that also fits in with your existing furniture can be a real struggle. So, how do we focus our minds and find the colours and decorations that will suit your room.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Start with decorating just one room to begin with. This could be a room you spend most of your time in like the living room or bedroom, or perhaps that one room in the house that always gets neglected. This way you can really focus your energies on the specific needs of that room and how that translates into colour and style.

Inspire yourself

Although, as said before, the extent of different styles in home magazines and on Pinterest can sometimes be overwhelming and leave you more confused than before, these are also the best places to be inspired especially if you find the right board. Once you have a selection of inspirational images you can then start to decipher which elements of the different scenes you’re drawn to.

Compare your room

Figure out what you don’t like about your room and compare this to your inspirational photos. It could be that it’s too dark, too garish or too boring. Make a list of what you really need to change and pair these with a solution from your selected images.

Create a mood board

Now you’ve gathered some inspirational images, deciphered you favourite parts of these images and singled out some areas of your room you’d really like to change, now you can put this into action. Start creating a mood board. This could include different colours and patterns you’re interested in as well as some of the favourite pieces of furniture you already own. Try looking outside of this room to source decorations that aren’t being used to their full potential in other rooms.

Take a look at a mood board here to really start getting a feel for what you could create.

Try a mini makeover

It can be so hard to simply visualise how certain styles will look in your room. Yes, that bright shade of teal may look fantastic in the high ceilinged Georgian mansion on a bright summer day, but will it look just as great in your compact study? The best way to get around this is to try out a mini makeover.

Start by removing everything from the room. Yes this will cause havoc in the rest of your house, but it will be worth it.  Then start placing your favourite pieces back. Be selective here and don’t just refill the room with clutter.

Now comes the fun part. With your room looking decluttered and more stylish without you even spending a penny, you can now see exactly what colours and styles you can add to your walls to make your furnishings pop. This can be done simply and quickly through using an app such as the Dulux Decorator Centre Visualiser App. This allows you to change the colours of your walls without even opening a pot of paint. Simply point your device at your newly decluttered room and try out all the colours you want before buying with an easy click.

Get your FREE iPad Mini

Plus if you download now you could be viewing your walls on a FREE iPad Mini. Dulux Decorator Centre are giving these away in monthly prize draws until September to celebrate the launch of this new app. So quick, get a chance of a free iPad Mini and a solution to your decorating uncertainties in one go.

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