Buying your glasses online: Everything you need to know

Realising you need new glasses is often met with disdain and frustration. Most of us put it off for as long as possible, simply because we don’t want all the fuss and irritation of heading to the high street, and trying to find the right pair of frames whilst under pressure from other waiting customers, salespeople and a lack of choice.

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Interestingly, more people than ever are taking a leap and searching for their next pair of glasses online, from reputable sites like EyeBuyDirect. But, surely buying your glasses online comes with risks?

–          How do you try them on?

–          How do you know they’re high quality?

–          Are the prices really that competitive?

For the answers to these questions and more, let’s discover the intriguing factors behind shopping online for glasses and why it’s a trend that’s going from strength to strength.

You can try them on virtually

Perhaps one of the few positives of shopping in person for your new glasses is that you can try on your prospective pairs. However, thanks to virtual try-on technology, you can also do this from the comfort of your own home. When you can try on frames at home, you’re much more likely to make an informed choice. You can take your time, try on as many frames as you like and not worry about looking silly, feeling uncomfortable or having sales staff waiting impatiently for you to make a choice. It just makes sense!

The unbelievable choice

Head to your local high street optician and you might be disappointed by the range on offer. So, you head to another store, and another, and another… possibly seeing the same frames, again and again. Shopping online for your glasses means you have potentially thousands of frames at your fingertips. Using filters and your own search criteria you can find frames in a particular style, shape, material, brand or colour all within seconds, shortening your search and making the process much simpler.

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The cost

Most of us are living on tight budgets, which means we want to make savings where possible. Splurging on a pair of glasses you’re only planning to wear when you’re reading isn’t a budget-friendly decision, but when you’re stuck with the limited range on your high street you might not have much choice.

Shop online for your glasses and you’ll notice a distinct difference in the prices on offer. This is because online retailers don’t have to pay the same overheads as physical stores, so any savings that are made is reflected in the prices of products online. You’ll also have access to special deals, offers and have products and prices tailored to your specific requirements.

And finally, it’s Covid-19 safe

While daily life is slowly returning to normal, many of us are still conscious of the coronavirus threat. Perhaps you’re someone who is classed as high-risk, maybe you care for someone who is or perhaps you’re just not ready to return to the high street. Shopping for your glasses online means you can update your eyewear and take care of your vision in the safety of your own home and for some people, that’s the best and safest option.

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