Birthday Party Essentials: What Do You NEED and What Should You AVOID

Birthday parties are always special. It is remembering and celebrating someone’s visit to the human world. They are a brilliant way of making someone feel special about themselves, whether it is a kid or older ones, everyone wants to celebrate with their loved ones by bringing cake, gifts and flowers for them.

Conversely, looking from the other side, you will see a different picture: people working hard to create a party checklist, allowing them to mark the list of things required for a great birthday party.

You cannot play the copyrighted song Happy Birthday and gift just a cake. Rather, you need to create a better ambiance with flowers and cake, which will help you make the other feel special. Consequently, if you need help finding suitable flowers, you can visit My Global Flowers’s website, who offer flower delivery in Germany and ask for their services.

So, today’s discussion touches on the fact of what you should do to create a memorable birthday party.

And during that process, what are the things you shouldn’t do that can potentially ruin the relevancy of the celebration? Hence, shift your focus onto the next section and take notes of do’s and don’ts.

Things To Do For A Birthday Party

In order to have a brilliant birthday party, there are various things one needs to follow to make the day special and memorable – thus, offering cakes, flowers, and gifts can potentially make someone’s year.

Besides Christmas, birth anniversaries are one of the special events where they seek to celebrate and earn gifts they deserve from their loved ones. Therefore, here is a list of things you should do –

Flowers And Tablecloth 

Even though it is a birthday, you shouldn’t ignore the power of flowers, which can alleviate the presence of the party. Therefore, you can ask your local florists to create an arrangement full of beautiful and multicoloured flowers, which add more colours to the party. Flowers have the immense power to enhance people’s moods and mental well-being.

Hence, you can ask them for daisies, lilies, or Ivy, which will give a beautiful look to the party. You can even look at using sunflowers, a positive energy hub.

Another thing you must have to curate the table is the tablecloth, as it can make a dull table look beautiful and add more depth to the outlook of the table. Even though it may sound like the ’70s American party, it is the best way to make the table likeable for the party.

Further, if there is any spill of food or drinks, then it will protect the table’s quality and maintain its durability and sustainability – thus, looking for little details to help you make a grand party and protect your timeless assets, especially tables and chairs, would be best.

Lastly, after all the arrangements for the party, you must make a list of the guests you want to invite to the party. You must send invitations a week before the party so guests can clear up their schedule and celebrate with the birthday person.

You can send them invitation cards or use e-invitation cards to notify them about the party, and if you are old school, then calling them personally will do the job.

A Birthday Cake 

All thanks to Egyptians for inventing cakes, as it is a must-have for any special occasion. Thus, the first thing you must do is buy a cake. For that, you can go to the local bakery shop or any supermarket to buy the cake.

You can even ask them to create a theme-based cake, as per their preference for things they love. This will put a better impression on the person. Consequently, if you want our advice, we suggest you make a hand-made cake, which will help you showcase your love towards the person.

Don’t worry. Making a cake is easy. All you need to do is go to YouTube; millions of videos will assist you with the easiest way to make a cake. Hence, use your internet to impress your favourite person.

Entertainment Rentals 

Unless you are a Micheal Scott or Phil Dunphy, it is better to hire rentals that will provide you with some brilliant entertainment to make the day more memorable. Therefore, you can hire a magician and bounty castles, allowing you to play some games with them.

If they are kids, then it’s better to hire a magician. Even the bounty castles will allow them to have fun with their friends. Apparently, a karaoke machine will be brilliant if they are adults, as they can sing their hearts and dance.

You can also arrange for a jukebox to play their favourite songs, and everybody can dance and have a good time at the party. And if you have read The Kite Runner, then you should choose the party theme otherwise.

Other than this, you can have games like Jenga or UNO, which are a great way to keep the kids captivated at the party, and the parents won’t have to look all around to find them.

So, choose your entertainment rentals wisely and give them the best time of their life.

Party Favours 

Party Favors isn’t something you should avoid, as it has the brilliant propensity to increase the value and relevance of the party. Even party experts worldwide acknowledge the fact that candy bars and bubbles can enhance the outlook of your party.

They are an excellent way to acknowledge the young kids or others visiting the party. You can issue the party favours as a souvenir. Mostly, it is a return gift, which makes the guests feel special.

You should follow these details to make the party special, not only for a special person but also for those visiting the party. Buy some candy bars and bubbles from the supermarket and keep them for the young people to have a good time at the party.

Everyone must have a good time at the party, even when guests leave. They should go with a smile on their faces.

Food And Beverages 

Now we are coming onto the most important, food and beverage, which falls under the must-have category, as you must feed the guests visiting the party. Therefore, you call some catering services to help you with the food and bring forth the best American delicacies at the party.

You can try out for something new, moving out from the obvious pizza and burger, which is omnipresent in almost every party. Consequently, you can look to offer Indian food, where you will find a wide range of varieties with kebabs, Nun, biriyani, etc. You can even include some Middle Eastern or African dishes, giving the party a whole new look.

For the beverage section, you can choose sparkling tea for people who live a healthy lifestyle, as it will offer mild alcohol, which is good for health. Besides, you can keep Coke, Pepsi, and different mocktails for young people; for adults, you can have beer, cocktails, and wine.

This will give satisfaction to everyone involved in the party.

Table And Chairs 

Furniture is another key thing that is needed for a birthday party, as you need to keep the food and beverages somewhere for people to access easily. It would be best to have tables and chairs for guests to sit and eat in pieces. You all need them to relax and enjoy the party; furniture items are a must at the party.

Also, if you are hosting an outdoor party for a birthday, you should add heaters, which will keep the food warm and allow the guests to have a brilliant experience. Therefore, please find the best furniture, or you can rent it for the party, anyway, you need them to keep the food and beverages as the party’s soul.

Things Not To Do In A Birthday Party 

As we discussed earlier, in the process of doing things fundamental to the birthday party, here are certain things you should look to avoid to make the party a better place for the person and the guests to interact and enjoy the arrangements.

Here is a list of not-do things on a birthday to make a memorable event in a person’s life –

Getting Drunk Too Much 

You want to act like Ted Mosby, get drunk, sing “Voices” to your loved one, and fall down the table. It is too embarrassing, especially if you are arranging someone else’s birthday. It is because you want them to have a good time. Therefore, it is better not to drink too much.

Just two bottles of beer will be enough to have a good time. Further, there will be a high chance of puking after drinking too much – thus if you don’t want to be a party pooper, you should consume in a disciplined way.

If you have watched the Hangover series, then it’s better not to act like them because you wake up and find that you are married, have lost your tooth, and have a Mike Tyson-like Tattoo on your face.

Remember, good times don’t come with getting blacked out and not remembering what happened last night. So, drink responsibly and act responsibly.

Being On The Phone 

One thing you shouldn’t do during the birthday party is to stay on the phone the whole time. It is because after you arrange the party and invite all the guests, you should interact with them and make them feel at home.

Therefore, you must be a good host, communicate with all the guests, and ensure that they are having a good time and access everything available at the party. Consequently, you have to give some rest to your phone, especially WhatsApp and Snapchat, and be more proactive in the party to ensure that everyone is enjoying the fullest.

The only time you can use your phone is when you are clicking pictures, which is mandatory to keep the memories of the party to have great conversations in the future.

Not Choosing A Dark Theme 

Another thing you should look to avoid while arranging the party is choosing dark themes, as birthdays are not halloween. Therefore, you should look for bright, enjoyable themes for the kids.

Even though Gothic themes are in the trend, even people try to choose scary pieces like Vampire, which can make kids come over scared and ruin the party. Hence, you should select the themes that go with the guest’s images invited to the party. You can only choose the dark theme when only adults attend the party.

So, it’s best to choose some kind of animation theme, which will make the kids go crazy and allow them to have a great time at the party.

Age-Appropriate Entertainment Events 

You want to play truth or dare with kids. Do you? Therefore, you should avoid having entertainment that is not appropriate for kids. Even the drinking game, which is also involved in most adult birthday parties, you should avoid it when kids come to the party.

Hence, it would be best if you stayed content with the karaoke machine and the magician, who gives a good time to the kids at the party. Even the parents that are coming to the party do not have to worry about the things in the party.

So, choose the party entertainment carefully. Also, it would be best if you didn’t look to stretch the entertainment things more than 15 to 20 minutes because you want people to concentrate on eating and interaction, which is the key thing at the party.

These are the few things you should look to avoid while hosting a party for your loved ones. It would be best if you had a high awareness level and concerns to make the party enjoyable for all people, even the kids coming to the party.

Wrapping Up, Once And For All 

Birthday is a special event for any person, irrespective of their age and gender, and everyone wants to celebrate the day with their loved ones. Hence, I have given some directions for you to follow and arrange the party likewise, and make the event special for everyone along with the birthday person.

Lastly, look out for the small details necessary to make the party suitable for everyone, especially with the kids involved in the party.

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