6 Ways To Make Your House Interior Look More Classy

Whether you own your own home or rent it, being the boss of your own space means making decisions about the living space usage, buying new accessories and creating a feeling of complete comfort and safety in that place you call home. For some people, managing their property is easy – others find it hard to remember to pay bills on time, or aren’t really sure how to decorate in a way that fits their style.

When it comes to interior design, it requires an eye for detail and the skill to translate function and style into a decor scheme that suits your taste. Otherwise, instead of classy you might end up decorating in a mish mash that isn’t a proper reflection of your personality. Think about what appeals to you – is it the pull of a cosy and comforting ‘cottagecore’ design or do you yearn for the California coastal style as you dream, “Why can’t we buy houses in Los Angeles?”

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If you’re not sure where to begin, there’s quite a few tips you can use to make your home’s interior align perfectly with you.

Crown Moulding

In order to make your home look high-end, you should focus on upgrading the details of the interior. One which can make a massive difference, is crown molding or coving.

This decorative detail can make the whole house look complete, elegant, and unified. It is a finishing touch that can make every room look much more exquisite, without putting much of a dent in your budget. With easy to fit options, it can be both really effective and affordable.

Properties with higher ceilings can choose crown moulding with broader trim to achieve a more glamorous effect. If you have a period property, consider restoring additional moulding such as ceiling roses to make your house look more refined.


Choosing the best paint colour is not an easy task especially as it is often the key factor in deciding on the decor of a room. If you want to achieve a classy and elegant look, a traditional or classic bold colour often works, or a soft and understated hue.

Which colours make you feel good? Try a few samples on the walls before you commit, to see how colours work with the light that you have in your house.


Cushions in your home have two main functions. First of all, they provide comfort for you and your guests, giving a cosy and layered feeling to the rooms. Secondly, they can be an elegant accessory that, if chosen well, adds a sparkle of unique glamour to your house.

Typically, the larger a cushion, the better it will look. Avoid the standard size and upscale to a bigger option – if you fill your cushion covers with slightly larger inserts, you will achieve a very plush and plump look.


You might have never really considered it, but a home without proper window treatments can look cheap and incomplete. Because of that, you should invest in nice window treatments.

The good news is they do not have to be very expensive. As long as you do not choose the fabrics that are too see-through and flimsy and instead go for fuller fabrics like linen, cotton, and natural silk, which should fall nicely and make your windows look just right.


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Classy and elegant interiors have one thing in common, and that thing is good lighting. In most cases, standard lighting fixtures manage to do their job. However, they do not add anything special to the home, so for an elevated look, consider investing in designer light fixtures that are truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

This can still be achieved on a budget – look out for individual products at your local flea markets and antique stores, and soon enough, you should be able to find a piece that looks great and doesn’t cost too much. While such pieces often require a little repair or clean here and there, the additional work will pay off!


To achieve a classy feeling, you have to consider the type of flooring you have at home. Wall-to-wall carpet might feel very cosy and comfortable but will never be as elegant as gleaming hardwood floors. Even though hardwood floors might be a bit costly, it is one of the best investments to your house that will look great and increase the asking price if you decide to sell your property.

If hardwood is too expensive for your liking, consider going for different types of wood, such as birch and oak. You want to make sure the colour fits the overall design of the house in order to achieve a unified effect.


To some, interior design is like uncharted territory and making decisions about complimentary colours, purchasing accessories and choosing the finishing touches isn’t easy. But remember, it takes time to create a beautiful home and isn’t about jumping on trends if you want to create a stylish space that will make you feel good on a daily basis.

Luckily with these simple ways you can achieve an elegant effect and make your home look classy and effortless – that’s the secret. Good luck!

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