Choosing The Right Rug For The Right Room: A Guide For Homeowners

If you’re decorating a new home or sprucing up an old one, one of the easiest ways to add extra warmth to a house– literally – and colour to a room is by laying down a gorgeous new rug.

Keen to find out how to choose the right rugs for different rooms? Read on for some top tips, and you’ll soon discover how to select the perfect living room rugs, kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs to transform your home from lounge to loo.

Large Area Rugs For An Inviting Living Space

Large rugs such as the ones from OnBuy are ideal for making any living space look homier, whether it’s the lounge, dining room, or bedroom. However, it’s vital that you choose the right size and make of rug, particularly for the lounge, which receives a lot of ‘traffic’. Ideally, the rug you choose will have the following qualities:

On the big side: The key to making sure a rug will fit one of these larger rooms is to opt for a rug on the larger side to avoid that ‘marooned’ look. A larger rug also offers a more inviting look and feel for your family and visitors.

Anti-slip: For rooms with wooden or tiled floors, anti-slip rugs are to be recommended, particularly if you have young children running about. You should also aim to choose a rug that will continue to look and feel its best despite experiencing plenty of wear and tear.

Stain resistant: An easy-clean rug is recommended for lounges, kitchens and dining rooms, as you can expect the odd spillage from time to time.

Rugs That Will Stand The Test Of Time

If you would like a rug for the kitchen or bathroom, to add a little extra wow factor to the room, the most important thing is to choose a rug made out of tough, quick-drying materials.
That way, your rug or bathmat will withstand any kitchen mishaps or spilt bathwater without becoming stained and waterlogged. In particular, look for rugs made out of these fabrics:

Polypropylene: This synthetic material is ideal for kitchens – or, indeed, for any room where there is plenty of footfall and the potential for spills.

Acrylic: Acrylic rugs are similarly hard-wearing and easy to maintain, but a particular perk of acrylic rugs is that they can be made to resemble a more expensive material, such as wool.

For Bedrooms The Softer The Better

Bedroom rugs should help make the room feel like a cosy and soothing sanctuary. Soft, touchable fabrics are recommended – perhaps a small faux fur sheepskin mat to dig your toes into when you get out of bed or a thick shaggy rug that takes up a lot of space and pulls the whole room together.

The colour or pattern you choose will depend on your décor and whether or not you want the rug to match or to stand out with a vibrant pop of colour.

Check The Price Tag Before You Purchase

The final but arguably most vital thing to consider when it comes to picking rugs is your budget. While wool or cashmere may seem alluring, rugs made of synthetic fabrics can look just as appealing and are much easier to care for. As long as they look good and feel pleasant under your feet, they will make a charming addition to any room.

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