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How to Clear Out Your Home Without Impacting the Environment

clutter free homeThere’s nothing quite like the feeling of a clean and organised home, but everyone has a tendency to hold on to too many possessions over the years. While you might want to clear things out, you also know that you don’t want to harm the environment. Those bags of rubbish can certainly take up a lot of space in landfill.

Fortunately, there are solutions for those who want to clear out their homes without damaging the environment. Use these tips to help you stay on track.

Sort Your Rubbish

Start by sorting all of your rubbish. It’s tempting to simply throw everything into the same bin, but this means that you will be putting things that could be recycled into the landfill. It’s helpful to have different bins in the room as you clean. One for actual rubbish, one for paper, and one for other things that could be recycled. If you have a very large cleaning project, you may need to ask about getting larger recycle bins for the duration of the project.

Reuse What You Can

With a bit of creativity, you can often turn your trash into treasure. For instance, say you have a chest of drawers that isn’t being used. Pulled out and drilled together, those drawers could become a bookshelf. You could then take apart the rest of the wood from the chest of drawers and use it to build a table or other small item that you need. Used clothes could be turned into cleaning rags, pillows could be used to make stuffed animals, and lots of items can be used in children’s craft projects. Before you throw anything away, think about whether it could serve a different purpose.

Use a Removal Company

Sorting through all of your waste can take a lot of time and energy. If you’d rather have someone else do the dirty work, you could use an environmentally friendly waste removal service. These companies will come to your home or business and remove all of the waste. Once they take it back to their building, they will take care to dispose of it in the most environmentally responsible way.

For instance, they’ll take any furniture and donate it to charitable organisations. They’ll recycle things that can be recycled, and dispose of hazardous waste appropriately. The best thing about using this type of service is that they have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly sort through the rubbish. You won’t have to worry about something hazardous accidentally ending up in the landfills.

Donate Things in Useable Condition

You may not use the waffle iron your grandma gave you for your wedding, but if it’s in good working condition, there may be someone who wants it. Set aside these things and donate them. Ask your friends if they’re interested, but then look to outside sources. For instance, homeless shelters may be happy to take donations of clothing, and other charities raise money by selling donations in second-hand stores. You may even be able to find an organisation willing to pick up your donations at no charge to you.

Check the Rules

Some items are too dangerous to end up in landfills. Things like batteries, cleaning supplies, and older refrigerators contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. There are processes for disposing of these items, and it’s important to follow the rules. Check the government’s website to find out what to do.

You’re right to be concerned about where your trash will go. By educating yourself and taking the time to separate your waste, you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment.

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