Cosy lights

Colourful Connected Lighting from WiZ!

I’m sure anyone into technology, like my family, will love discovering the magic of WiZ.

Cosy lights

WiZ is a patented connected lighting system. The clever yet simple to use technology enables you to control all of your lights at home, or at work, in a number of ways.  Setting it up using your WiFi network, you simply need to download the WiZ app on your phone or tablet, or use the WiZmote which is an infrared remote control.  Alternatively you can use your existing power switches, thanks to a feature called WiZclick.

It’s very versatile and easy to set up and get going with.  We downloaded the app to a couple of our phones and were able to start controlling the smart lights that WiZ sent us to try straight away.

Light controlled by phone

This is the portable Hero table lamp, a neat, domed light on a white or wooden base – quite unobtrusive, minimal and Scandinavian looking in design.

Wiz Lighting

WiZ connected lighting

The Hero gives you an unbelievable 16 million colours, including 64,000 whites!

The other light we tried is a cool projector light with an adjustable head, called Quest which looks quite retro and our boys all wanted immediately for their rooms:

Coloured wifi lights

And who can blame them when you can get cool light effects like these, which they can enjoy controlling using their mobile phones:
Colour changing light

Wiz Lighting

Using the app is a breeze, its very simple and intuitive.

Customisable light

What I also find really clever is that you can schedule your lights to come on at certain times according to your routines, or to make it look like someone is home even when they aren’t which is good for security.

For those of you have use Amazon Alexa, Echo or Google Home, you can control the lights with your voice.

Not only that, a recent interfacing with IFTTT means you can now also connect lots of features to your lights; it really is an advanced light control system, but not early as expensive as some rivals on the market.

For a really budget friendly option, or just to try it out, you can buy individual WiZ bulbs to replace the regular ones in your lamps and light fittings.

Our whole family thinks this WiZ connected lighting is a brilliant concept and agree the lamps would make super Christmas presents, as they are not only useful and practical but fun to use and provide an ever changing atmosphere as well as an additional decorative element for any room.

There are some gorgeous light settings we’re still discovering and my favourites so far are the sunset and cosy fireplace options where warming colours interchange by themselves.  Its very soothing and relaxing to sit by!

For more information about WiZ connected lighting, check out the WiZ website here.

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