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Our Christmas Tree and Decorations 2017

When I took part in the recent Christmas Blog Hop we didn’t have our Christmas tree up, so I’m just sharing it today with a quick look at our Christmas decorations for 2017.

Every year I like to switch things up a bit at Christmas as it can get a bit same-y.  The other reason that our decorations are a bit different from last year is that one of our boxes of Christmas stuff has gone missing – arrgh!  Heaven knows where I put it, but I’ll probably find it in January.

Luckily, I received a welcome gift card from Homebase, which was a lovely surprise and meant that I could buy some new festive lights for outside, decorations for the tree and some Christmas homeware such as these cosy cushions, which are nice not only for Christmas but winter in general:

Winter cushions

I also bought a couple of cute little trees, a small indoor one which was £10:

Mini Christmas Tree

And a living tree which I put by the front door (£12):

Living Christmas Tree Homebase

We were also kindly sent a Christmas tree from Balsam Hill this year.  I’ve been quite intrigued to see one of these trees up close, having read that they are pretty much the best artificial trees you can find.  We have a pre-lit door wreath from Balsam Hill that we got last year and are using again this Christmas which is very realistic, too:

Realistic artificial wreath

Composite front door So I couldn’t wait to see the Christmas tree when it arrived!  I ordered a 6′ pre-lit Victorian Spruce Tree and here it is in our bay window:

Balsam Hill UK Xmas Tree

Let’s take a closer look:

Artificial Christmas Tree

Flame-retardant and made with non-allergenic materials, as you can see there are lots of dense, dark green branches and short natural needles, unlike a lot of artificial trees that can look a bit sparse.  I hadn’t ‘fluffed’ it out properly in these early shots, but once you do (wearing the cotton gloves provided!) and tease out all the branches, it’s a real beauty.

What  I also really like about this replica spruce tree is that it has upward sloping branches, which means its easy to hang baubles.
Balsam Hill Realistic Christmas Tree

I opted for mostly white ornaments on the tree this year as I thought it looks simple, classic and Nordic.  We’ve got feathers, snowflakes and snow balls, all from Homebase.  My favourites are these:

Chalk bauble

Feather decoration

We did toy with the idea of having one tree in the front room and one in the back, but we’ve just decorated the one room this year.  Maybe we’ll do the double next year!

How do you like to decorate your homes for Christmas?  Do you decorate every room or just the one?  I’d love to hear!

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