Cool & Quirky Hanging Storage Rope Hooks from Udrik

When I was contacted recently by a company called Udrik about their innovative storage solution, I was keen to find out more. Udrik have designed and created a really effective and simple hanging storage solution – these very practical Rope Hooks:

What appealed to me was the minimalist design and sheer simplicity of the product, and of course the space-saving benefits of such a concept.

I might not necessarily have thought that metal hooks on a rope could look good, but the Udrik team have managed to make them trendy as well functional. In colour variations of black, white, grey and orange, they’re pretty stylish in a utilitarian way.

Obviously, children and anything that dangles don’t mix, so I would never expect to see these being used in a nursery or school setting, nor homes where there are younger kids. But, the advantages for camping, caravanning, boating, storage in garages, sheds, lofts and workshops can’t be denied. I could also see them being really practical in a utility room for hanging ironed clothes up and in an entrance hall for coat storage. They would also be ideal in offices for staff to place their belongings.

My kids are all older now so I wouldn’t have a problem using Rope Hooks at home. In fact, the guys at Udrik offered me the chance to try a few samples out and I had the perfect place in mind. My teenage son has the smallest bedroom and with his bed, desk, a built in cupboard and chest of drawers, there isn’t really enough space for a wardrobe. We tend to fold most of his clothes into drawers or on shelves, but of course certain things like coats – and his new suits for 6th Form – need to be hung. The Rope Hooks provide a great alternative to wardrobe space and they fit in really well with the industrial style of his bedroom.

We already had the metal arrow wall hanger so, together with the new Rope Hooks, he now has quite a bit of cool hanging storage available to use at the end of his bed. It doesn’t take up as much space as a wardrobe, but will hopefully help him keep his things a bit tidier! I really like the look of this open style storage; I added some crates for shoe storage, to give it all a bit of a clothes shop vibe  – it’s definitely quirkier than a regular wardrobe! My son likes it too.

The Rope Hooks are designed to be fixed into the ceiling, providing of course it is strong enough. This is something you would need to check out and if you’re not sure, Udrik recommends you consult a handyman first.

Fortunately for us, we were able to use the wooden batten in Alex’s room where the ceiling slopes down and so the rope hooks were really simple to install. You could also place them inside a wardrobe or cupboard, in order to maximise storage potential.

I would love to know what you think – could you see these Rope Hooks working in your home, or a holiday home, garage or workplace? Maybe you have a use for them I haven’t thought of? Leave me a comment if so! If you’re interested in buying any Rope Hooks by Udrik, they come in handy individual packs (so you can mix and match colours if you wish) and they are available to purchase here on Amazon.

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