Ways to keep your home warm & cosy in winter

Have you thought about winter-proofing your home yet, to ensure it’s warm and cosy during the colder months? If not, here’s a few suggestions to get you started:

Service the Boiler

No one wants their boiler to break during a cold snap, so don’t delay – get it booked in for a service now to make sure it is in good working order. If you put it off you could regret it! The same goes for your gas fire – get that checked at the same time by your gas engineer as it’s no fun being without heat and hot water.

Install a Heated Towel Rail in the Bathroom

In winter, getting out of the bath or shower then getting dried and into your clothes can feel really chilly, especially in the mornings. Getting heated towel rails installed can make a big difference; drying yourself with a warm towel is so much more pleasant and the heat from the rail maintains an ambient temperature in your bathroom, helping combat damp conditions.

Reduce ‘Lost’ Heat

You’d be surprised how much heat can escape up the chimney, or get absorbed by the walls behind your radiator. By placing large sheets of card wrapped in tin foil behind the radiators, you can deflect some of that heat back into the room. Also, pull sofas away from the radiators so they’re not just soaking the heat up. As for the chimney, when your fire is not in use, you can temporarily block it to prevent draughts blowing down and heat escaping from the room – there are several devices on the market that will do this.

Pipe lagging is a simple way to reduce lost heat – wrap foam tubing around your water pipes to keep the water inside nice and hot for longer. Another quick and simple idea, when you’ve had the oven on, is to open the door once you switch it off and let the hot air come out and warm the kitchen. Otherwise, it just gets wasted.

Draught Prevention

Keep internal doors closed and use soft furnishings to layer up the home. Having thick curtains at the windows, rugs on the floor and draught excluders at the bottom of doors to block any gaps will all help prevent annoying draughts making you chilly. Insulation tape is a cheap, DIY idea, too – you can buy it on a self-adhesive roll from stores and stick it around window and door edges to fill gaps where the wind can whistle through.

Don’t get caught out this winter – take steps to reduce heatloss now and you’ll keep your home warm and cosy this season!

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