Have you got what it takes? 4 must-haves for anyone who wants to be an influencer

Endless holidays, incredible products, free clothes, things to sell, days spent talking to the camera – it’s pretty obvious why so many people are trying to carve themselves a successful career out of social media. Being an influencer means complete creative control, total independence and spending your days doing what you love the most – content creation! 

what it takes to be an influencer
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But before you pick up your phone and start posting on your grid, you might want to take a step back and ask yourself if you really have what it takes. Yes, your favourite influencer makes it look incredibly easy, but in truth, you have no idea how hard they worked to get there.

Here we’ll explore 4 must haves for anyone who wants to be an influencer.

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Financial control

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As an influencer, you’re going to be your own boss. Which means you’re in charge of all your financial responsibilities. Sending invoices, your expenses, financial reports, even chasing clients for payment for that collab you did. Understanding all of these responsibilities and keeping yourself organised means that when your tax bill is due, it’ll be a quick and painless process. 

Most influencers work with invoicing software, such as Freshbooks to keep their accounts in order and their invoices looking fresh. If you don’t know how to handle your own finances, then there’s no better time to learn. 

A thick skin

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Your favourite influencers may touch upon this subject often. When you put yourself online as an influencer, you seemingly open the floodgates for abuse, nasty comments and harsh criticism. Some people see your willingness to be online as a green light for abuse and vitriol. It’s not right, but it’s part of being present online. You may be abused for the way you look, your content, a body feature or your ethics. Having a thick skin and the ability to rise above these comments is something that can take years to develop. 

A good niche

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Can you make consistently good content based on your chosen niche? Even in years to come? Establishing yourself as an influencer means offering followers your opinion and expertise on certain subjects and eye catching content which you can create using great resources, like Instagram post maker. Whether it’s travel, being vegan, sports and exercise or being a parent, whatever your chosen niche is you need to stick with it. This means plenty of research and content that your followers will find relevant and engage with. The more engagement you have, the more likely you are to be picked up by third party companies. Instagram post maker 

And finally, consistency

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Platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook reward consistency and so will your followers. As an influencer, you’ll need dedication and determination to keep your pages consistent, with regular posting and regular high-quality uploads. Whether you’re intending to post twice a day, and upload stories or maybe once a day instead, or maybe you want to add a video upload to YouTube once a month, once you choose your schedule you need to stick with it.  

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