Getting Your House Cosy For Autumn

With autumn fast approaching we’re all thinking about closing those windows and doors and getting cosy in our homes. Recently, the interiors world has seen a new wave of design inspired by the Danish trend, Hygge. In order to understand the Hygge look we must first understand its key features. The Hygge look is all about togetherness, focusing on a cosy and warm atmosphere with plenty of soft, warm textures in a neutral palette. The word Hygge doesn’t have a straightforward English translation, but can summed up by simply enjoying the little things in life. Sipping a hot chocolate or wrapping up in a blanket with an open fire, all of these tiny things that promote simplicity.


One of the best ways of getting that Hygge look in an instant is with the use of a rug. Rugs are a great way of bringing warmth to your floor while adding texture at the same time. Not only are they are they a great decor piece, but they promote that soft and warm atmosphere required of the Hygge look. For that perfect look, aim for a shaggy rug. Shaggy rugs are named so thanks to their longer pile length. The pile length determines the feel of the rug, so the longer the pile length, the shaggier or fluffier it is. Shaggy rugs give you that look and feel in one, perfect for any home. Alternatively, a sheepskin rugs is also a great option. These too work nicely to bring that natural aesthetic and texture. Their size means they can even be draped over the back of sofas or chairs alongside a shaggy rug on the floor for that ultimate Hygge atmosphere.


As previously mentioned, the colour palette of the Hygge look uses a very neutral one. This includes off whites, creams, blues, beiges and greys that have warm undertones. Any colour that has a muted or pastel hue is perfect as it promotes a sense of tranquility and calm in a home. When looking for your rug therefore you should browse these colours to find the perfect Hygge accessory piece.

Textures and Accessories

While a rugs is certainly your first step, there are a number of accessory pieces that will elevate your home to full Hygge status. When it comes to sofas or beds, think fluffy or knitted cushions coupled with large blankets to give that relaxed look and feel. On your walls, try wooden framed art works or pictures arranged haphazardly for a laid-back vibe. These will work nicely with white walls for that stunning offset of colour. Additionally, using lots of candles in your home will give a gorgeous warm light that is perfect for evenings. As well as this, they will bring in those homely scents to give you a relaxing feel whenever you enter a room.

This look isn’t just for winter, in the summer you can pack away those blankets and extra cushions and still enjoy that relaxed design. The best part about the Hygge look is that you don’t need to empty your pockets to achieve it. You can easily pick up home accessories at many lower budget retail brands meaning that this look is achievable for any home.

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