Top 5 Ideas to Utilise when Designing your Garden

If you are planning a new garden next year, the first thing that comes to your mind is to create an even better version than the previous one. It takes some planning, but with some smart decisions, your garden will be more beautiful than ever. If you are looking for modern ways for garden decoration, here are five ideas to consider.

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Start with a theme

Choosing a theme for landscaping and gardening can help give your area a unique, cohesive look. This gives the whole project more personal flavour and keeps visitors coming back for more. It also provides you with a good starting point for thinking about what you want to see in your landscaping; whether that’s a slightly wild and natural habitat for wildlife to thrive in, a lush green space for a tropical vibe or a neat and manicured minimalist style.

Add a garden shed or garden house

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A garden shed is an ideal project for budding gardeners. This small shed can be built on the property for the cost of materials and labour only. Materials such as lumber, posts, pipes and shelves can often be found at local home improvement stores or to make things easier, you can find a garden shed online and have it delivered rather than trying to source one locally. All that is required is for you to lay out the plans and get building, or hire a worker to complete the project for you if you don’t fancy the DIY.

You will certainly reap the rewards by having an organised space for storing all your tools and equipment, which saves time and allows you to be more productive as you manage your own land.

Natural and ornamental garden design

Gardening is such an ideal hobby if you need to unwind, embrace mindfulness and reconnect with nature. The gratification it provides is immeasurable; the joy of tasting or seeing with your own eyes the fruits of your labour. To differentiate yourself from the thousands of other garden enthusiasts, invest time and energy into creating interesting designs. Be inspired by others by all means, keeping an eye out for unique garden ideas that maybe use natural materials and decorations. Or try your hand at some upcycling of garden furniture and accessories.

Photo by Subham Majumder from Pexels

Incorporate a deck or patio into your garden

When it comes to outdoor furniture, decks and patios are more popular than ever. Patios can be a great place to relax and enjoy your surroundings, while decks are particularly great if your garden is located beside any water – particularly for outdoor sports like fishing or boating. Patios in large, smooth slabs of stone look elegant and minimal, whereas a wooden deck adds a little more of a rustic element. If you are worried about the upkeep of a wooden deck, there are composite alternatives. It all depends on your taste and budget to get the look you want.

Try vertical gardening for healthy plant growth

The benefits of vertical gardening can’t be underestimated. It is a growing technique where you take containers of soil or potting soil, and place them in a vertically oriented area of your garden. The purpose is to utilize the concentration power of the sun, rather than the wind or water, to fertilize your plants. In effect, you are growing plants in containers instead of the traditional way of growing trees or flowers.

If you’re new to gardening or simply don’t have much space to work with, vertical gardening can be an excellent solution. You can purchase special towers and equipment for growing plants in this way, or you can improvise and add a series of shelves to an outdoor wall to grow potted plants. Pick a sunny aspect and you can cultivate pretty much anything, including strawberries and tomatoes this way. Or purely decorative plants that trail and cascade down your wall. Perhaps creating a hanging herb garden appeals to you, especially if it can be easily accessed from the kitchen so you can enjoy adding freshly grown herbs to flavour your cooking.

Have any of these ideas inspired you to redesign your garden?

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