Design Your Own Wall Stickers For A Cosier Room

Wall stickers are fast becoming one of the biggest trends among UK homeowners. Trend experts and high profile designers are incorporating wall stickers into their designs. You are likely to find them in homes, studios, clinics, and schools.

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That’s why the number of wall sticker brands in the UK is growing by the day. Today, we have Ten Stickers, Apex Stickers, Decowall and others. These brands are known for  essential interior decorating products. 

It’s about designing your room in line with your style and personality. Designing your room to your taste makes it cosier and individual. Imagine having your wall customised – you get to pick the colour, pattern, picture or even words. 

But before you click to place an order, consider the following in designing your own wall stickers;

  1.   Where Do You Wish To Place The Design?

This should be your first consideration. Knowing this will guide you on the type of sticker that best suits your space. There are many sticker types and ideas, but not all of them will look good in that space you chose. 

So, take your time to imagine how your proposed design will look in your space before you conclude. For example, a heart design will look good on the wall behind your bed, or perhaps a coffee design in the kitchen.

  1. How Wide Is Your Space?

You have to be sure that your wall sticker will not look too small in the space it should fill, so check the size of your wall space. Large empty spaces will do better with bold image stickers, while for smaller spaces, you need a bright colour design that creates an illusion of space.  

For a small vertical space, you need a tall and slim wall sticker design. But for horizontal space, you need one that is long and slim. Bear in mind that the size of the sticker affects the price. 

  1.   What’s the mood?

Do you agree that every room in a house has its mood? The wall stickers you choose should have an impact on the room. If it is a fun and lively area, bright, colourful stickers will do the trick. 

Wall stickers with inspirational phrases can work for your study or library. Also, you can have children cartoon wall stickers with lively colours for your kid’s room and romantic stickers or pale colour stickers to set the mood in your bedroom.

  1.   Which colour best fits?

Keep it at the back of your mind that colours matter. There are so many colours to choose from—all you need to do is consider your interior. If you can figure out the best colours that suit your space, you can ask the designer to help you out. 

Colours have an impact. Light colours can make a small room look bigger and bold colours can fill up a large room. It is also advisable to pick colours that appeal to you personally like your favourite colour.

  1.   Consider Existing Designs

For the living room, make sure the stickers fit the interior style of the room. Get large stickers for big empty spaces. It will make the room look cosier. If you are getting stickers for other family members or friends, make sure it is their choice and not yours.

Try as much as possible to pick a design that complements the existing design and doesn’t counter it but adds another dimension. An interior designer can help you out here.

  1.   What type of sticker do you prefer?

You can opt for a self-adhesive sticker, non-self adhesive sticker and peel-and-stick sticker depending on your need. Ensure that you have the correct information on whichever one you choose and it is safe for you. Ensure the wall stickers are VOC-free, lead-free, non-toxic and Phthalate-free. Pay extra attention to stickers for the kid’s bedroom or nursery room. 

Final Thoughts

Wall stickers are the easiest way to enhance your interior and give it more personality and flair. Aside from beautifying the space, stickers are used for other purposes. It’s a saving grace for you when you need a quick fix or home makeover as it is less costly and easy to use. So, if you are looking for a less expensive way to give your home a new look and get on to the UK trend of upgrading your home space, then get a wall sticker design. 

Wall stickers are easy to come by, but not all have the same quality and durability. Don’t go for cheap and nasty. Make sure that it suits your needs, space and purpose. Pick the size, colour, and pattern that sets the right mood. That’s when you can experience the cosy feeling of being in a room that perfectly suits your taste.

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