A Stylish Guide To Decorating Your Home With Flowers

Different ways of decorating the home have come and gone, but there’s always one form of accentuating that’ll never lose its charm—and that’s beautifying your home with flowers. Fresh or not, flowers seem to have this irresistible allure that everyone appreciates and loves.

Flowers in vase on the table at modern kitchen

If you want to bring texture and softness to any space or room in your house, consider adding colourful and out-of-the-box floral arrangements. These blooms can instantly uplift not only your home’s ambiance but also the mood of everyone who walks into your house.

Choosing The Perfect Flowers

The good thing about decorating with flowers is that there’s really no set of rules or strict guidelines to follow. There’s no such thing as doing it wrong because you’re free to decorate any way you like. The key is to have an eye for style and pizzazz. Well, of course, you still need to pick from a selection of the local florist in your area especially if you want unwilted and beautiful blooms for your home décor. 

Having a go-to local florist would make your project even easier. You can personally select the flowers for your home and have them delivered the same day. You can also easily pick what you need depending on your decorating ideas in mind. For starters, plan what you want to place in your hallways, as well as the countertops, dining tables, kitchen tops, and living rooms.

Choosing the right flowers for your interior can get confusing, especially if you’re presented with several options. To help you out, take a look at these flower recommendations that you may consider:

  • Exotic Flowers

If you don’t feel like decorating your home with common types of flowers, why not go for exotic blooms then? A bouquet of tropical flowers in crisp colours can stand out no matter where you place them. You can choose from Red Gingers, Hyacinths, Calla Lilies, Celosia, or Birds of Paradise. The colours can be varied to make the vividness of the blooms pop even more.

  • Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal blooms never lose their allure. You can consider decorating your home based on the current or upcoming seasons of the year. Summer, for instance, is a good time to fill your interior with colourful flowers that thrive in humidity and heat. Examples are Gardenias, Freesias, Orchids, Irises, Dahlias, and Hydrangeas.

  • Dried Flowers

If you’ve been lurking around Pinterest lately, you’ll know how dried flowers are so popular these days. Dried blooms are preserved to look more classic while preserving special memories that come with them. You can always spice up your dried flower arrangements to make them look edgier. You can add twigs, grains, leaves, pine cones, and even small fruits to make them trendy and easier to match.

Decorating Your Home With Flowers

When decorating your home with fresh or dried blooms, try to think outside of the box. Come up with unique and stylish ideas to give your space a little sass. Here are some styling tips to help you out:

  • Go Tall And Full

Do you have high ceilings at home? Take advantage of them and go for tall and full floral arrangements that you can place in corners, hallways, and even at the staircases. To make this possible, choose a tall vase or container where you can arrange the flowers. Some Dahlias and a bunch of purple and green Hydrangeas would be excellent if you want to have something you can gush over on whenever you walk up and down the staircase.

  • Help The Shelves

Flower vases and arrangements aren’t only for tables and countertops—you can easily and stylishly place a couple of vases on your shelves too. It could be your bookshelves, open cabinets, or floating corner shelves in your house. To make your floral décor look more effortless, go for clear glass vases that can show off colours from your fresh blooms. Small yet colourful flowers will be perfect for this idea, such as Carnations, Peruvian Lilies, Delphiniums, Gladiolus, and English Lavenders.

  • Don’t Forget The Bedside Table

Flowers have an enchanting power to make you feel calm and relaxed, which is why it’s a good idea to keep fresh arrangements on your bedside table. It’s nice to look at beautiful colours before switching off your lamp. 

Likewise, it’s also almost the first thing you’ll see upon waking up the next morning. A neat array of Peonies and pink coral Roses mixed with branches of Eucalyptus would be a stylish addition to your bedside table. Just don’t forget to change the water often to keep the flowers fresh to ensure they last longer. 

Flower Power

Flowers indeed have a special power in them. They’re perfect as gifts and even more perfect to be used as a stylish decoration at home. If you want to make your house cosier and looking fresh all the time, consider these suggestions and you’ll be delighted that you did.

Abigail Emerson

Abigail Emerson is a florist and an event organizer. She has been in the events industry for many years. During her free time, she enjoys baking, cooking, and gardening. She also loves swimming and nature tripping.

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