How To Digitise Your Family Memories

I recently had the pleasure of partnering with Digital Converters Ltd, a company based in North Yorkshire that specialises in digitising family memories from VHS, loose photos and other old media to help preserve people’s important moments forever.

I was excited when they contacted me because we have a lot of old slides and cine film reels that I hadn’t viewed in years, so I thought it would be amazing to be able to watch them again in a more accessible format.

Such old style media isn’t really that easy to take out and look at, certainly not the slides and reels, as you need a projector & screen and precious old photos can get lost or get damaged over time, so digitising them makes great sense as a way to preserve them. It also means they can be shared easily with other people. Not only that, getting outdated media converted to a digital format is also a great way of saving space in the home and storing your memories in a sustainable way.

It has been great to see old footage and images… as well as being emotional, poignant, funny and heart-warming. Have you got old tapes and photos you’d love to have converted or know someone who has? Then let them know about Digital Converters – or you could even surprise them on a special anniversary or birthday with a gift of precious digitised memories!

The Process

Getting the conversion done was really simple on my part as the customer; all I had to do was gather our media together and package it up in bubble wrap and a sturdy box. I also provided a brief inventory of what I was sending. Then Digital Converters arranged for a courier to collect it and let me know when it had safely arrived with them. Then they set about digitising everything and a couple of weeks later sent me a link to the cloud where it is all conveniently stored. You can opt for a memory stick version, too. The originals are returned to you as well.

The Memories

As well as seeing incredible clips such as my parents wedding in 1960 and their voyage to Canada where they lived for a year before I was born, there was also footage and images of me as a baby and toddler.

I was also able to re-live later memories too, including life changing moments such as bringing home our babies, as well as happy family holidays and trips thanks to having our camcorder cassettes converted from the 2000’s.

If you have camcorder footage you probably haven’t watched it in a while like us. Viewing our home movies again has reminded me of so many lovely and funny moments recorded when our sons were younger.

Here’s a little selection to show you what can be achieved, starting with old cine films from the 60/70s; Digital Converters even put some evocative music to the clips as there is no sound with these old reels. My dad, who is sadly no longer with us had managed to record some footage at Wembley of the 1966 World Cup Final, which was fantastic to see!

As well as cine films, Digital Converters uploaded our old slides to the cloud.

A newborn me with my parents


My first birthday


VHS cassettes

These mini cassettes can easily unravel or get misplaced, so it’s good to have a digital back up. I wasn’t even sure if there was anything on some of our cassettes, but you can send them anyway for Digital Converters to check.


Although I didn’t courier any photos across this time, it’s something I would consider doing in the future. Loose photos are vulnerable and albums can take up a lot of room on shelves. It’s well worth getting those old shoe boxes full of black and white images safely stored… or how about being able to share with your friends those photo albums from when you were teenagers. Such a great way to have a declutter too!

Special Offer

Why not take advantage of the special offer Digital Converters is extending to you – for the next 30 days you can enjoy a 30% discount by using the code Tidylife30 on their website. They’re ready and waiting to help you take a special walk down memory lane.

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