Dining Room Decor Ideas

The dining room can easily be overlooked, especially if you don’t use it very often. If your dining room is looking a little neglected, you can easily give it a new lease of life with some simple decor changes. By adding some more interest, you can make a room that you’re proud of, and might actually want to make use of. 

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Set The Table

The obvious place to start is with the dining room table. Look at dining tables for sale and choose one that suits your style. Make sure it has enough room to sit the whole family round it, with room to spare for friends if you like to entertain. When you’re not using the table for eating, set it up so it still looks nice. You don’t have to actually set the table, but add some small items to the top. A vase of flowers, a pretty jug, or a large candle will all look nice sitting in the middle of the table. If your style is more classic, you could add a table runner or a table cloth. 

Add Storage

Add in some shelving, a bookcase, or dresser to the room. These furniture items look nice, and can be used to both store and display things like your dining set, glassware, or cutlery. If you have a set of plates that you usually save for company, why not keep them where you can see them, so you can still enjoy them. You can do the same with nice glasses. 

Add Colour

Bring in some colour and personality to the room with your decor. Dining rooms don’t have to be bland to still be formal or look smart. Put up pictures, hang wall hangings, or add in plants, ornaments and other small pieces. Family photos could work well, or a hanging tapestry bought on a trip works as a conversation piece. You can also add colour with your curtains, a table cloth, or with bright cushions on your chairs.

Plants are a great way to bring in some green and make the room look interesting. Put a plant in the middle of the table, use tall plants in the corner of the room, or add small plants to your shelves among the tableware.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Light It Right

Dining rooms need the most light in the evening, so think about your lighting. A harsh overhead light is unlikely to create the mood for relaxing dinners. Instead, opt for standing or table lamps in strategic corners to create much softer light. Choose shades that soften the light, diffusing it to a level that is cosy and not too bright. 

Candles are ideal for dining rooms. Put a candle holder with one chunky candle on the table, and add tealights or other small candles to other surfaces around the room. Candlelight can make a romantic atmosphere for dinner with your partner, or can just create much softer mood lighting for a relaxed ambience if you have company for dinner. 

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