DIY Jobs You Really Should Not Be Avoiding

We all have jobs that we hate, tasks that we avoid doing if we can.  This is the case whether you are talking about work or the home.  Sometimes we avoid these tasks because they seem too difficult, or time-consuming.

Other times it is because we think it would be too expensive to get them done.  It is understandable that we want to avoid these jobs, but, as you will see, often doing so can lead to us wasting more time or having to spend extra money in the long-term.

Replacing your skirting or baseboards

Small toilet cubicle

If you are anything like most people, when you redecorate a room you will just give your skirting boards a lick of paint. Or, perhaps simply ignore the fact they need painting.  A lot of people just skip the task completely because they really cannot face being on their hands and knees for over two hours.  It is definitely not a comfortable DIY task and often the result is not all that good.

In some cases, simply going to skirtings r us and buying new skirting is a better solution.  You can buy it pre-primed so when it arrives you just have to paint it the colour you want and install it. You can easily lay it on a workbench to paint it, which means no painful bending and no need to cut the paint in. So, painting them does not take long at all. Removing the old skirting can take a while, but this way of doing it will make things go a lot faster.

Once installed, there is no need to sand your new skirtings down and fill them. Therefore, the next time they need repainting, the job goes a lot quicker.

Painting your doors

1930s door

Painting panel doors is a task a lot of people hate, so they don’t do it.  For a while, they get away with it, but over time the paint or varnish yellows.  When that happens, you end up having strip it all off before you repaint it, or apply extra layers to stop the yellowed surface showing through.  Things get even worse if it is a front door that is being constantly weathered.  Over time, the paint peels, the damp gets in and your door warps and rots.

If you struggle with painting doors, maybe the best approach is to hire someone to do it for you.  Should that not be possible, simply take the door off its hinges and paint it flat.  It is much easier to prepare and paint when it is in this position.

Weeding the path

Not weeding your path regularly is a big mistake. Very quickly the weeds root system spreads and starts to break up the slabs or concrete.  If you hate weeding, mix up a salt solution and pour it between the cracks a few times a year.  This is usually enough to stop the weeds from growing in the first place.

Add these jobs to your DIY schedule

Being organised and making sure that all of the above jobs are properly scheduled and completed will save you money and time.  Plus, once they become a routine, you will become used to doing them!  At which point, you will no longer dread having to tackle these unpopular DIY tasks.

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