Want to update your kitchen? It’s easier than you think!

We all have a dream kitchen; but not all of us have the budget to bring it to life!  With so many other expenses to think about, renovating and updating the rooms in our homes usually takes a back seat – with the kitchen and bathroom not always the priority.

Luckily, there are little ways that we can really make the heart of the house burst with colour and ensure that we fall in love with it once again.  Here are a few easy and simple ideas that you could probably do in a weekend:

Think about your lighting

Lighting in your kitchen is important.  You need to see what you’re doing when you’re cutting onions and using a stove!  But your lighting should also bring a sense of warmth and happiness, especially when there’s food being prepared.  LED lighting is becoming more and more popular in kitchens.  Probably because it’s good for the environment and it can help reduce your energy bills too – and you don’t need to worry about sourcing replacement bulbs either, as you can get a range of LED bulbs easily on the high street.  If you’re happy overall with your lighting, but want to add a few extra lights to make life easier, then spotlights are great for when you’re doing kitchen tasks and overhead lights are ideal above the breakfast bar or table.  Make sure you speak to an electrician in the first place.

Your cabinets

Your kitchen gets a lot of use and we’re not always kind to our kitchen cabinets; they’re highly likely to get scratched, dented and chipped because of the high traffic.  If yours have seen better days then why not consider painting them?  Even a dated kitchen design can be improved by painting the cupboards in a nice neutral or on trend colour, making them look fresher, cleaner and more modern.  Even if you are in rented property, you may be able to paint the cupboards with the landlord’s permission.  It really helps to make the place feel like your own!

Add a feature wall

A kitchen doesn’t have to be all about tiles – if you’re a dab hand at DIY then think about creating a feature wall.  Using a bright, colourful, or a wallpaper with a motif, you can really make your kitchen pop.  Make sure you use wallpaper that’s specifically designed for kitchen’s though so it can withstand the heat and steam much better than a conventional paper.

New appliances

You might not be able to make many changes to the kitchen units, the floor or the counters.  So, changing the appliances is a good idea.  How old is your kettle?  And when was the last time your toaster didn’t burn anything?!  A new kitchen appliance range is the perfect way to treat yourself and update your kitchen.  A beautiful rose gold or copper coloured kettle with matching toaster, for a touch of glamour and freshness maybe; and if you upgrade to energy efficient models, you’ll save money on your energy bills too!

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