7 Ways To Make Your Home Appear Brighter

Sometimes, your home can look a little dull and lifeless. This can be because a number of things, including the wrong choice of lighting, dirty windows or even because of dark accessories and colour palettes. Below are 7 ways in which you can make your home appear brighter, including tips on how to open up a space, and information on how to choose the right colour scheme for your living spaces. 

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Toughened Glass for Ceilings 

Depending on your budget, one of the easiest ways to make your home appear brighter is to actually let the light in. Toughened Glass for Ceilings is a great way of doing this. These can be installed in a ceiling (or even a floor) in order to flood a space with natural sunlight. Transforming a space entirely, these are perfect if you’re thinking of redecorating, or you’re looking to overhaul your home. 

Mirrors: The Larger The Better

One way of cheating the look of natural light in your home is by using mirrors! Not only does a smartly placed mirror reflect light around a room, but it can make the space itself seem bigger and more spacious. Bathrooms are one place that benefits from the use of multiple mirrors. Not only do they bounce the light around, but they can quickly upgrade the look of the room, too, try to select a mirror that is designed for the bathroom from Bathshack.com.

For a minimal look, aim for a large mirror without framing, which will enhance a space without clutter. 

Light Colours; Dark Accessories 

When trying to make a space seem lighter in your home, using lighter colours is an obvious choice. Light walls can really open up a space, however, pairing this look with darker accessories can also create the illusion of depth and is a good way of maximising your space. Pair a white wall with dark grey accessories to showcase your room without whitewashing the entire space. 

Lighting Is Key: Choosing LED Pendant Lights

Dullness in your home can come down to the lighting you’ve chosen. Dreary lampshades can not only dull a space, but they can make a space look smaller than it is. Choosing LED Pendant Lights is a great way to bring light back into a space, and can save you money in the long run thanks to LED technology. 

Introduce Mother Nature

Don’t overlook introducing greenery to a space as having plants in your home can do wonders. Choosing plants that don’t need a lot of light, such as spider plants and snake plants can improve the air quality in a room and bring a note of brightness, too. 

Choose Your Curtains Wisely 

One aspect of a room that can be overlooked is the window space. Darker curtains don’t tend to enhance a space, and can obstruct light from getting in. Opt for lighter curtains or blinds, and ensure they can be tied away from the window to maximise the natural light. 

Clean Your Windows 

This might sound obvious, but cleaning your windows is a sure fire way to brighten things up. Dirt and grease can accumulate on windows, dulling their ability to let light in. Cleaning your windows to a sparkling finish ensures that you’re letting in the maximum amount of natural light. 

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