Wooden garden deck style

Quirky Outdoor Ornaments from New Garden Style

Contemporary garden decorHow amazing the weather has been this past few days!  With the kids off for half term, we’ve certainly been making the most of the outdoors and it has been so great.  In particular we’ve enjoyed spending time on our wooden deck area in the garden – even more so since the arrival of this cute medium Cherry outdoor ornament, sent to us by New Garden Style.

Wooden garden deck style

I first saw these decorative fruity outdoor ornaments last year, part of a range that includes similarly gorgeous large strawberries, apples and plums.  I don’t know about you, but they just make me smile!  Young kids of course think they are quite magical, like something out of a giant story, and I love that they are different from the usual traditional stone urns and ornaments you so often see.

Apart from its size, the cherry is very realistic!  It has all the shine and depth/tone of colour that a real cherry on a stalk possesses.  The piece looks as though it could be made of a glazed ceramic or even glass, but it is in fact constructed from strong, premium poly resin.  It will weather well and has little pads underneath to set it down so it doesn’t roll over, in case you were wondering how it was standing up so effortlessly.Cherry garden ornament

Here’s the cat helpfully giving you an idea of the scale as she goes to find some shade…

Cherry 2

There are other garden ornaments on the New Garden Style website including some lovely rustic looking spheres and fire baskets. One item that certainly caught my eye was the rusty metal star garden ornament, which I think would make a funky accent piece on a patio or in a gravel bed.

I love that these garden ornaments can give instant visual appeal – there’s no installation to worry about, as with something like a water feature.  They provide a pop of cheerful colour to any garden, large or small, and a sense of playfulness, in any season.

The cherries come in different sizes and even in cute little pairs, so do check out the website – they’d make a gorgeous and surprising gift for someone who loves their garden or balcony!

Thanks to New Garden Style for our gift

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