Five Reasons To Build An Ensuite

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One of the most common remodeling projects for a homeowner is the one that involves the bathroom. Ripping out the cabinets and the flooring in favour of brand new natural materials? You wouldn’t be alone in wanting to do that for yourself. Another upgrade that’s exciting for homeowners is an upgrade in the bedroom. Adding a bathroom to the bedroom space is the ultimate luxury for most.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be adding any of the stone baths into the middle of the bedroom, of course. But an ensuite is going to upgrade your home, offer you better value and give you the chance to really improve the look of your home. A bathroom remodel takes time to do, time to plan and time to bring to life. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it! Below, we’ve got five reasons to say yes and start making changes.

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  1. An en suite gives you total privacy. You don’t have to leave your bedroom with an ensuite attached to it. If you share a bathroom with others, then it can be rather inconvenient to try and find a bathroom at night! So, an en suite is a piece of privacy that you don’t have to share with anyone. You can use it as you like and you can really relax because your bath is in there, too!
  2. Creating a spa-like experience. A freestanding stone bath is one of the most luxurious upgrades that you could have. The bathroom is a great place to relax and you can even create a spa experience when you have yours upgraded to an en suite. It’s going to allow you to be creative and that means making your en suite feel like you’re in a real spa! 
  3. You have easy access. When you need the bathroom in the night, you can just nip into the bathroom attached to your bedroom and make it back to bed before you truly wake up!
  4. You can design it however you like. Your own ensuite is your chance to be really creative and you can make it look how you see it in your head, from the walk-in shower with the glass screen to the stone baths that you spent ages looking around. You can even have someone map it out for you with sketches and this will show you exactly what it’ll look like when you put it all together.
  5. You can upgrade the selling price. An en suite adds value to your home, increasing the appreciation that you get from your buyers. You are going to be able to offer a bathroom to the bedroom as well as the family bathroom in the house, and that’s really going to be an attractive feature to all your buyers.

Buying an en suite and having it installed in your bedroom is what creates a master. You should plan it to perfection and enjoy every second of being in your own space away from everyone else while you relax.

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