Key Considerations When Retiling Your Bathroom 

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Retiling a bathroom is busy work. There’s quite a lot of room for mistakes to be made too.  

Surprisingly, public restrooms are also on the decline, which means your home counterparts need to be more impeccable than ever before. Tiling is a big part of creating a stellar space here, not only creating an aesthetical tone but also providing a protective surface in key areas.  

Therefore, the choices you make during a retiling project are quite big. Here are just some of the things you should think about as you get to work.  

 Let People Know 

Though it can be a faster home DIY project than most, retiling a bathroom isn’t a quick process. It’s still a big project that can take two or three days to complete. Estimates will obviously vary depending on the size of your bathroom, too.  

It’s courteous to let people know that the bathroom will be out of action for large chunks, if not all, of that period. There may also be noise, in addition to tools left around and a general mess. While the effort is well worth the rewarding aspects by the end, it’s not a process enjoyed by all. 

Do your best to keep anyone you’re living with updated. Practice elements of compromise where possible and encourage others to do the same. It’s important everyone gets along and has reasonable expectations during this time to minimise the potential for any tensions.  

Take Care when Tiling Yourself 

Tiling looks easier than it is. It requires a steady hand, ample knowledge, and patience, and not all of these qualities come easy to a homeowner.  

Of course, if you’re not experienced and you attempt to oversee the retiling project yourself, there’s a real risk you’ll make a costly mess, both in terms of finances and time. Even if you make steady progress in the middle of the space, complications are bound to occur when you get to trickier corners and angles. Take the time to learn what’s expected of you if you insist on going down this route. 

Source any decorative tiles you use from the same place that builders, developers, and interior designers do too. Browse to your heart’s content and receive innovative advice from the team at Hyperion Titles, who willingly share all their knowledge with business and private clients. They cater to all budgets and project sizes, too, so all of your tiling questions have an answer here.   

View Trends Appropriately 

Themes are often at the root of home design. They change with the times, as people gravitate to more contemporary aesthetics for their abodes.  

Though tiles often have trends of their own, these notions aren’t always applicable to every bathroom. This is because you need to pay attention to many different factors; does the tile fit proportionately with the room and its size? Can wall and floor tiles be paired suitably? Are accent tiles able to suitably complement your main tiles? 

Because of these variables, it’s not always pragmatic to be entirely fixated upon a theme. Instead, they should inspire you as a starting point, influencing your efforts. Not rends, but also be open to new ideas, trialling and testing, compromise, and ultimately choosing options that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical to implement.  

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