Four Ways To Improve The Lighting Of A Dark Room

The right lighting can take the darkest and dreariest room in the house, and make it somewhere you want to spend time in. Sadly, unless you’ve been blessed with huge windows and a south-facing property, then the chances are that at least one of the rooms in your home isn’t getting the light that you’d like it to. The good thing about lighting is that it can be changed, so here are four ways that you can improve the lighting of a dark room in your home. 

Re-wire for a statement lighting feature

Most rooms have at least one place for a pendant light to be hung from the ceiling. In brighter rooms, this may be enough to give you the light you need, but in darker rooms, you may want to consider installing another pendant light or even two to make a ceiling lighting feature. Now you’re probably wondering how to wire a ceiling rose? And the truth is any new wiring should always be signed off by a professional, so if you’re going to try this tip, then make sure to hire an electrician, 

Layer your lighting 

Layered lighting is designed to light the room from multiple angles, rather than just relying on the lighting from the ceiling. By flooding the room with light from multiple directions, you can remove harsh shadows making even the darkest of rooms appear larger and brighter. An easy way to achieve a layered lighting look is by incorporating lamps at various heights around the room, try a standing lamp in one corner, a table lamp in the other and maybe even the odd under cabinet or undershelf light too. 

Use mirrors

Mirrors are fantastic for brightening up dull rooms, bouncing the available light around the space to give the illusion that the room is brighter than it is. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your dark space, then placing a mirror opposite will help to reflect the light into the darker corners of the room. If you don’t have a window, then use mirrors in conjunction with lamps and ceiling lighting to provide a similar effect. When choosing mirrors for your space, try to avoid those with heavy frames as these can make spaces feel much smaller than they are, and instead choose lightweight minimalist frames that don’t make the walls feel as though they are closing in. 

Keep decor bright

Lastly, to ensure maximum brightness in any dark room, try to avoid dark colours such as navy, black or purple as these suck the light out of the space and can make a dark room feel closeted. Instead stick to light, bright colours such as white and yellow which bounce any available light back around the room and give the illusion that the space is brighter than in reality. 

So there you have it – whether you have a dingy backroom or are trying to lift your bedroom, these four tips should help you to create the bright space that you crave.

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