Here’s Why The Right Lighting For Your Home Is So Important

Sometimes, we don’t pay too much attention to our lighting until it isn’t right. Given that we’re all spending so much time inside in our homes right now, having the right lighting set-up for each room is essential. You don’t want to be slaving away over your computer and straining your eyes thanks to the dim glow of the wrong light bulb in your study, and you certainly don’t want to be trying to wind down at the end of the day as your retinas are blasted by the high-powered glare from a bad decision for your bedroom light. The right lighting for your home can make a tremendous difference at a time when we all need to be taking better care of ourselves. Here are a few reasons why.

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Lighting Has A Huge Impact On Mood

We are all familiar with the medical impact of sunlight on our mental health. Well, thanks to the British weather right now, sunlight is not always easy to come by, but interior lighting can play a similarly important role; positively with the right lighting and negatively with the wrong one. There is a fine line between soft mood lighting and murky darkness, between bright and warm and harsh and aggressive. Think about the purpose of each room and the ideal mood setting for each, and plan your lighting accordingly.

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The Right Lighting Will Last Longer

For those of us who struggle with organisation and planning, choosing the right bulbs has sometimes been a decision that’s been driven more by panic and need than anything else. Of course, that can often lead not only to the wrong bulb for the space, but to picking up something that will consume a lot of energy and last just long enough to burn out at exactly the wrong time. So, think about planning ahead and picking up some LED lights. LED light bulbs have a longer lifetime, they are more ecologically friendly, and they are more energy efficient. You can buy LED light solutions at Any-Lamp and learn more about their benefits.

You Can Help Your Eyes With Better Lighting

Our eyes are taking an awful lot of punishment right now. Our screen usage is way up as we spend the day staring at our work computer and spend the evenings and weekends watching TV, and spend most of the time in between gazing at our phones as we doom-scroll our way through the latest news. Frankly, our eyes need all the help they can get, and the right lighting in your home will mean that you can give them a little bit of back-up.

You Can Relax Better With Mood Lighting

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Remember: getting creative with your lights isn’t just for Christmas. As we look for ways to brighten up our home through these long dark days, think about where you can add a splash of light to your home to make it more warm and welcoming. Bring those accent points out of the shadows and add a splash of dynamic lighting or a soft glow.

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