I Need A Formal Dress – Help!

As we look towards the future with hope, tentative ‘save the date’ notices may be starting to pop through letterboxes. Although we don’t know exactly yet when group events and celebrations will be allowed, the prospect is on the horizon.

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After spending so long under lockdown restrictions, the thought of a big social gathering could lead to some trepidation! There are many logistics to consider, not least of which is what to wear. Many people stop in their tracks at the thought of a formal dress code – does anyone actually know what it means, anyway? Luckily, with a little help from the internet and articles like this you are never alone in your search for a solution. No dress code is too smart for the solutions that are available, so let’s break it down.

A time to shine

Formal events are a fantastic reason to dress up to the nines, and formal dresses bring a kind of joy that you only experience when you are wearing one. The sexiness, the sophistication, and the unavoidable sense of excitement and expectation cannot be beaten.
Pick the right style of formal dress and you could find yourself re-wearing it time and again – weddings, business dinners and more – the secret is in HOW your wear it.

Decoding dress code

Semi-formal is a combination of formal and a more relaxed look, and not as “strict” as a formal dress code. Formal is anything from cocktail wear to evening gowns, in terms of sophistication level. Formal dresses can also take on a number of designs, from knee-length to full ballgown, fitted to flouncy. Formal dresses will often be constructed out of more rigid, structural fabrics (although this is not always the case)
The little black dress is considered a cornerstone of formalwear, but there is so much more you can do for a formal dress code! Classics are always reliable, but by no means are they the be-all and end-all! If you are in the mood to shake things up a bit, why not add some fun and colour to your formal outfit with a brightly coloured dress? Precious stone colours such as ruby red, emerald green or citrine work extremely well. Paired with an elegant shoe (they don’t have to be heels, so if you can’t walk in those anymore!) and you will look like a celebrity.

What’s your season?

Formal events will often take place during the holidays. Depending on where you live, that might mean that you need two formal dresses – one for the colder months, and one for summer. Winter dresses work well in muted and dark colours, while bright colours go with summer and everything light.
A formal dress for winter should be made of fabric that can withstand the weather conditions where you live. Not only will it keep you warmer, it will also help with giving your dress a longer lifespan. Flimsy material that come unstitched or falls apart after washing should be avoided, as those are a waste of money, when you could have had a far better product for a just a little bit more.
A quick solution if you need a formal dress at the last minute, is to choose a structured, classic and fashionable (but not trendy) dress of more or less knee length. If you really want to switch things up a bit, you could even wear a formal suit for women!

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